Is Amazon’s Crucible Worth Playing In Australia? (There’s No Local Servers)

Amazon’s first free-to-play shooter is live on Steam – and chances are you probably haven’t heard much about it. We haven’t either, so it’s time to answer the question today: is Crucible worth playing in Australia?

Leah and I will be investigating the Crucible experience for ourselves from 12:45pm AEST / 10:45am AWST / 2:45 NZST today. It’ll be a good chance to see what the playerbase is like, how matchmaking holds up, and whether Crucible has local servers. The game has just over 13,000 concurrents playing at the time of writing, which isn’t bad, but it’s also not a massive number for a free-to-play game that launched yesterday.

We’ll be playing together in co-op, so it’ll be good to see how Crucible handles lobbies and what that process is like. These games are generally better when you have someone you can bounce off, especially given that it’s very much a shooter inspired by MMOs. Games like those – and I can’t help but think of Battleborn here – have a particular pace and cadence that’s very different from regular shooters, so I’m keen to see if Amazon has made it work.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”Amazon’s First Free-To-Play Shooter, Crucible, Launches In Two Weeks” excerpt=”Amazon’s in-house developers are about to launch their first blockbuster game. It’s not the MMO you’re probably thinking of, but a free-to-play shooter called Crucible, a game that looks awfully inspired by every popular multiplayer game from the last few years.”]

You can check out our experience playing on American servers – because of course – through our Twitch channel below.

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