Design Your Perfect Island With This Unofficial Animal Crossing 3D Planner

Image: Animal Crossing World/bobacupcake

The perfect Animal Crossing island can be difficult to visual. Not only do you have to consider your island layout, you also need to make room for a variety of ponds, rivers, inclines, bridges, mountains and decorations. If you're having trouble planning out your island, there's now a fantastic, unofficial solution in the form of a 3D island planning app.

Island Planner is free and available through via browser. It features several tools that replicate the in-game Island Planner app including tools for creating rivers, mountains and paths.

There's even placeholder graphics for houses if you're looking at playing around with your town set-up. While it lacks finer tools like trees, bushes and flowers, creator bobacupcake makes clear in the app description that it's currently in early testing phases. Pending any future dramas, these features may be added in a later release.

As it stands, it's a fantastic way to plan out the basics of your island and test landscaping concepts you may be too afraid to commit to right now. To reach the goal of five stars on your island, you'll need a range of gorgeous island features and decorations. While you can't import your plans to the main Animal Crossing game, you will be able to use the app as a guide for creation.

Image: bobacupcake

Important to note is that if you want to execute your vision of a perfect five-star island, you'll need to fork out 50,000 bells per building you want to move. If you're looking at putting a particular building on a cliff that doesn't currently exist, you may need to pay that amount twice — once to move the building out of the planned area and again to move it back in where you want it.

Aside from these minor annoyances, your island is now your oyster. Plan away and see what magnificence you can achieve.

Island Planner is available on here.

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    Tried this when it first became available on Reddit. Very cool tool to use, and I look forward to when it has some more functionality added to it, such as being able to place the river exits and airport, shaping where the grass meets the sand, as well as adding models for trees and fences to add a bit of perspective to layout ideas.

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