How To Catch The Scorpion And Tarantula In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

How To Catch The Scorpion And Tarantula In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

For the most part, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is wholesome. But at night, life on the island changes. Deadly and dangerous creatures like scorpions and tarantulas emerge in the dark. You can catch both of these insects, but you’ll need to stay on your toes.

How To Catch The Scorpion In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Scorpions can spawn on your island after 5:00pm and usually lie in wait where you can’t easily see them.

The best way to catch a scorpion is to watch its stinger and claws — you might be able to sneak up behind one, but when its body rears up and shakes, it’s about to attack. Stop moving when this happens. Once it relaxes, continue to approach it slowly and repeat the process until you’re close enough to swing.

If it decides to launch itself at you, you can run to escape it. Put enough distance between you, and you’ll be able to swing around and capture it with a net.

You can also try this nifty, well-planned trick:

How To Catch The Tarantula In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

animal crossing catch tarantula

Tarantulas are similar to scorpions and haunt islands after 7:00pm so if you’re going on a night trip, stay alert.

If you encounter a tarantula, make note of its movement patterns like you would with the scorpion. Walk slowly towards it, and when it rears up on its hind legs, don’t move. Once it relaxes, keep approaching slowly until it rears up again. Repeat until you’re close enough to swing.

If it’s running at you, it may already be too late — you should try running to a fixed spot, turning and swinging your net, but if that’s not possible try entering a nearby house for safety or leaping over water to escape.

If it catches you, you’ll faint and end up back at your house.

Thankfully, the scorpion appears to be the only night terror currently haunting the Animal Crossing towns of the Southern Hemisphere. The tarantula is available between November and April in the Northern Hemisphere, but Southern dates are currently unconfirmed. Logically, it would appear sometime after May, but we’ll all have to live in fear until we know for sure.

Happy hunting!

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  • If you’re struggling to get one because they always surprise you, you can find a Nook Mystery Island where it’s raining, chop down all the trees, dig up the stumps, pluck all the flowers and break all the rocks. Without that stuff the only bugs that will be able to spawn are scorpions/tarantulas and wharf roaches so you can just run back and forth between the rocks at the beach scaring away the roaches until a scorpion/tarantula spawns. It takes a bit to set up but last night I managed to bring home 39 tarantulas that sold for 312,000 bells.

  • Got a few Scorpions while they were around but have yet to even see a Tarantula, supposed to have been spawning since the start of the month :/

  • I saw a tarantula on my island the other night, so I guess they’re in the southern hemisphere now

  • I’d be more inclined to give them a bit of a whack with the blunt end of a shovel. I’m sure Blathers will be just as happy.

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