Untitled Goose Game, Remade In Animal Crossing

Untitled Goose Game, Remade In Animal Crossing
Image: Twitter (KiriDomo)

Animal Crossing is a land where anything is possible. So, naturally, this land belongs to The Goose as well.

KiriDomo on Twitter did what most people do when they love two things: they bring them together. Nobody has found a way to actually let The Goose loose on people’s Animal Crossing lands, so KiriDomo went down the summoning path.

KiriDomo has spent God knows how long recreating the entire Goose Game village on their Animal Crossing island. The Goose’s girlfriend has been brought back to life via the magic of a Decoy Duck recipe. The pub’s missing a few tables in the main section, but the garden and grandpa’s darts are complete.

It’s actually staggering if you think about just how long it would have taken to get all the little details right. Picking all the different flowers, getting the tiles right. Having the fountain, the flamingo, the gnome, and even putting together the No Goose sign.

Speaking of which, if you wanted a No Goose sign for your own Animal Crossing island, here’s the pattern for yourself:

People are creating all kinds of wonderful worlds within Animal Crossing. It’s a little like The Sims in that regard, but a lot more wholesome? Maybe it’s because gaming is a vastly bigger activity these days. Either way, it’s been a great ride.

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