Animal Crossing Would Be So Much Better With This Fan-Crafted Quality-Of-Life Update

Animal Crossing Would Be So Much Better With This Fan-Crafted Quality-Of-Life Update
Crafting multiples? I am going to cry. (Gif: <a href="">Nick Ha</a>, YouTube)

Wouldn’t Animal Crossing: New Horizons be so much better with the ability to craft multiple items at once, skip repeated dialogue, or open up to visitors from anywhere on your island? YouTuber Nick Ha has put together a trailer for the ultimate Animal Crossing quality-of-life update. If only it were real.

Working with a trio of talented voice actresses, film editor Nick Ha has put together a video update that looks and sounds just like an official Nintendo update. It addresses just about every small annoyance I have with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and a few I didn’t know I had.

Highlights include:

  • Crafting multiple items at once.

  • Customising items during the crafting stage.

  • Crafting stations in players’ homes pulling from storage.

  • Sorting player backpack items.

  • The ability to hold down a button to continue painting paths.

  • A target marker for tools and island customisation.

  • The ability to skip repeated dialogue like fishing messages.

  • A button to instantly use items from inventory.

Nick Ha has done all the presentation work here, Nintendo. All you guys have to do now is make these changes, post this video on official channels, and everybody will live happily ever after on their much more convenient fantasy islands. Please?


  • I would take all of them and more but it’s the forced slow pace that makes this game work. There are legit quality of life improvements that are needed, the way they handle incoming players makes you feel like a jerk just for visiting, but it’s a hard thing to balance. For all the fishing I do it would actually be worse if there wasn’t a text bubble after catching sea bass. I’d do a lot more fishing, but I’d do it at my pace which would burn me out within a few days. Instead I get really invested in what I’m trying to catch. I find ways to optimise by learning shadow sizes and stuff. It helps flip it from grinding to hunting.

  • This is amazing and as a time poor adult this would make my limited gaming time so much better. Spam this video link to Nintendo on twitter until they submit! 😀

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