Assassin’s Creed Game’s Modern Day Sequences, Ranked

Assassin’s Creed Game’s Modern Day Sequences, Ranked

The announcement of a new Assassin’s Creed has inspired people to prove their  taste and expertise by ranking the series’ main games. That’s nice, but how about we rank the most important parts of each Assassin’s Creed game, shall we?

From best to worst…

  1. III’s Modern Day

  2. Black Flag’s Modern Day

  3. Rogue’s Modern Day

  4. Brotherhood’s Modern Day

  5. Revelations’ Modern Day

  6. II’s Modern Day

  7. Origins’ Modern Day

  8. Odyssey’s Modern Day

  9. AC1‘s Modern Day

  10. Syndicate’s Modern Day

  11. Unity’s Modern Day

  12. Liberation’s Modern Day


    • The ending of 3 killed the series for me. Since its on silly sale now, I might try the later ones.

    • Still waiting for a new person to replace desmond. They were moving towards that direction from black flag but somehow didn’t happen?

    • I dunno, there are some Plunkett ones that are ranked lower than this one.

      I expected some kind of discussion or actual comparison of the modern day, given it wasn’t a Plunkett article, so I was genuinely surprised.

      I actually found III’s the worst, took too much away from the game. Revelation’s first person puzzle game was pretty awful. The only modern day I actually enjoyed was from the original game.

    • I agree. I absolutely hated the present/modern day segments of Assassin’s Creed.

      As much as I love Nolan North as a voice actor and as a host (I’m a fan of the show Retro Replay that he co-hosts with Troy Baker), Desmond Miles was such a boring and unlikeable character.

  • I hope the modern day parts in Valhalla are entirely skippable. The modern day stuff was always fairly bland, but I found them particularly horrible in Origins and Odyssey because I found Layla such an unlikeable character. Hopefully we don’t get a repeat of Odyssey where Kassandra/Alexios (actual likeable characters) die so they can give super special chosen one Layla a magic staff. That completely bought the game down for me and was a horrible note to end on.

      • I quite liked the first one’s modern day sequences, with the conversations between Vidic and Desmond.

        • Same. I was *really* wanting to see where the Desmond storyline went. I wanted to see it go somewhere significant, for it to culminate in a ‘modern day’ assassin game. You could even TELL that’s what their intent was. I mean you had the startings of it when you had those levels with Desmond with the wristblade taking out Abstergo guards. But then, they dropped it like a hot coal. The moment it switched to the first person nameless perspective, that ruined it for me. It was nice seeing the surviving characters show up, but it slowly petered out… Bring back Desmond damn it. He still exists in the Animus, they even hinted at it!

  • What, just a list, with no wordage or justifications? In a clear attempt to get people to post comments? Sure, I’ll bite. Spoilers, obviously.

    AC1 through to AC3 Modern Day segments: Love him or hate him, Desmond helped tie things together, and there was a story being told about him and his cohorts. We got to learn stuff about him and by the end of AC3 I quite liked him as a modern-day Assassin.

    If I was ranking these games’ Modern Day bits individually I’d probably put AC3 first and AC2 second. I can’t remember Brotherhood’s Modern Day bits, Revelations’ Modern Day was just weird, and AC1’s just didn’t do very much.

    AC Black Flag Modern Day: We got to see the return of Shaun and whatshername. Rebecca? It was told from the first-person, which was a pretty interesting take on things – *we* were the modern-day protagonist. Plus all the historical research the player’s conducted is ignored to turn the game company’s pirate game into an action-oriented rollicking pirate adventure. A nice bit of self-awareness.

    On the other hand, this Modern Day segment broke the lore and introduced the idea that you could experience someone else’s genetic memories, which just about made me throw the controller at the screen. Ubisoft had clearly given up on the idea of a modern day character with links to the historical characters.

    Everything else: Since Ubisoft had given up on the modern day segments, so did I. I can’t actually remember any of the other modern day segments! This goes to show how forgettable and boring they were. Something something about Layla Hassan?

    I still have to go back to Odyssey and finish it so I’m not 100% caught up.

  • Modern day stuff was always so utterly boring, painful, and convoluted. Ditching it was the best move the series made.

    • The modern day stuff always sucks. I’ll never forget how jarring it was in black flag to be yanked out of fun pirating adventures to be a stupid office worker.
      The modern bits l have become like the pelvis of a whale. A useless, purely vestigial addition and the only reason for being there is because it was inherited it from its ancestors.

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