Australian MP Recommends Parents ‘Stay Sane’ With Animal Crossing

Australian MP Recommends Parents ‘Stay Sane’ With Animal Crossing
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Self isolation has been real tough for working parents, stuck between having to continue working while effectively home-schooling children and dealing with constant interruptions. And if you’re in that situation, one federal MP has a handy suggestion: Animal Crossing.

In a video posted on Twitter this morning, Tim Watts – Labor’s shadow assistant minister for communications and cyber security – posted a short video about how to stay “cyber safe and sane” during the coronavirus pandemic. Apart from some basic internet hygiene – use two factor authentication wherever possible, for God’s sake – the Labor MP’s biggest recommendation was the simplest one.

If you have kids, keep them occupied with Animal Crossing. “I’ve found that the promise of an hour of Animal Crossing after schoolwork has been completed has been great for keeping the kids on task, and parents productive on sane.”

“The violence inherent in Tom Nook’s system of indentured servitude remains cleverly obscured at all times,” Watts added.

When real chores don’t work, turn to virtual ones. I just hope Watts’ kids aren’t as violent with their Animal Crossing escapades as Luke’s have been.

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  • I’ve met him, and he was really great and down-to-earth, unlike many, many politicians. I’d have talked about games if I knew he liked them!

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