Dark Souls 3 In 8K Is Gorgeous

Dark Souls 3 In 8K Is Gorgeous

The Lords will abandon their thrones, and the Unkindled will rise … in glorious, upscaled beauty.

We’ve seen some fantastic AI remasters of classic cinematics recently – Witcher 2 being far and away the most spectacular – but there are some games that just look sublime with those sharper details and remastered textures. And considering how epic the intros for Dark Souls is, it’s only fitting that they should get the AI treatment.

The Upscale YouTube channel has given a bit more life to the Dark Souls 3 cinematic. It’s not just a straight remaster this time either: there’s a little more colourisation on the sky and shadows. It’s possible that was necessary given how much detail the background scenes now have.

dark souls 3 8k

As with these videos, you’ll want to manually change the resolution to 8K on the YouTube player. If your PC/laptop is struggling, enable hardware acceleration in your browser options. (I had no troubles out of the gate with either Chrome or Firefox.) Most modern phones should have no trouble with the playback, although slightly older devices might start to chug a bit at 8K, in which case you might want to give 4K a crack instead.

We’ve gotten some Dark Souls remasters already, but the one I’d truly want to see given a fresh coat of paint would be Bloodborne. That running on an SSD would make all those deaths a lot more bearable. There’s also still the long, long possibility of seeing Bloodborne properly on PC one day, although that’s definitely a pipe dream given how far ahead From Software are looking.

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