Deemo II Gets A Beautiful Animated Concept Video

Deemo II Gets A Beautiful Animated Concept Video
Gif: Rayark

A girl with flowers growing on her head and a mysterious translucent white being embark on an adventure to find a fantasy kingdom in a gorgeous new concept video for the sequel to Rayark’s touching piano-powered rhythm game, Deemo.

Through music and cutscenes, the original Deemo told the story of a young girl dealing with a familial tragedy with the help of an otherworldly pianist. In the concept video for Deemo II, which debuted over the weekend during a Rayark live stream, another young girl in peril is rescued by a new mysterious figure, a water-based version of the original Deemo.

The prominence of the pipe organ in the video suggests the new game will deliver more piano-centric music for players to tap along with, as flower-head girl and Water Deemo ride a train into the unknown.

Rayark is known for weaving together pleasing rhythm gameplay with interesting, often touching stories. Looks like Deemo II will be no exception. Fans can sign up on the game’s official website for updates on its development.


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