Deliveroo Launches Board Game Delivery Service In Melbourne

Deliveroo Launches Board Game Delivery Service In Melbourne
Image: Kotaku
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Board games and pizza belong together — and Deliveroo feels the same. The delivery service is now offering board games for purchase alongside its usual meals with a range of classic titles available for customers in Melbourne.

In partnership with board game shop Winning Moves, Deliveroo is now offering 30 titles like Cluedo, Monopoly, Top Trumps and Trivial Pursuit for delivery alongside matching games, quiz games and cards.

The ‘Bored? Games’ collection features many of the most popular mainstream titles around, as well as more niche offerings like Melbourne-themed Monopoly. If the service is successful, it’s likely that more board games will be offered down the track.

You can view the full range of games here. To order for yourself, you’ll need to navigate to the Grocery tab, enter the ‘Bored? Games in 30 Minutes!’ menu and choose the game you want delivered.

To launch the new service, Deliveroo and Winning Moves are also giving away 5,000 Melbourne-themed Top Trumps games with every Deliveroo Editions meal ordered from May 11 until stocks run out.

Deliveroo’s new board game delivery service is currently only available in Melbourne (with bases in Collingwood and Windsor), but in an email to Kotaku Australia the company confirmed it would be looking to roll out the service Australia-wide should this run be successful.

Fingers crossed it makes its way to a location near you soon. In the meantime, check out some of the best board games you can play at home with family or friends:

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  • Saying it offers “30 different games” is a bit misleading.

    It has: playing cards, monopoly, trivial pursuit, cluedo and Top Trumps pass the pigs. It has variants of those, but that’s all it has.

    It’s pretty much a who’s who of “the worst board games money can buy”.

    • Offerings are always going to start out small; people should hit up Deliveroo and get them to expand it so Good Game etc. are part of the service too. That’d make the range way better, and also make it easier to expand nationwide.

      • Oh, for sure. I really hope it takes off so more people get in board games. I already have a large stash of games so I’m possible unlikely to purchase more through this kind of service.

        That said, that’s probably part of the reason why it only has the few games it has, and even if it expanded, I would guess is unlikely to go to anything beyond “gateway games” like Carcassonne, Ticket To Ride, Settlers of Catan, or games of that kind of stable; I can’t see there being a wide market to sell heavier boardgames to people for the purposes of instant gratification.

  • Would be nice if the pictured games were offered. But anyone who stocks those is unlikely to accept Deliveroo’s terms. But your local games store is likely to be delivering games, check if they cover your area.

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