EA’s Shipping 14 Games Between Now And Next April

EA’s Shipping 14 Games Between Now And Next April

We’re not getting a new Battlefield or Battlefront until next year sometime, but before EA’s financial year closes, the company apparently still has a massive boatload of games to sell.

Despite protestations about the publisher’s slightly dry lineup for the coming holidays and next-gen console launches, EA has told investors that they will launch “14 new titles to play this fiscal year”. Some of those have already been announced, like Command & Conquer: Remastered, as well as the usual slate of sports titles in a new FIFA, NHL and Madden.

But without Battlefield, what could the others be? According to the official transcript of the quarterly earnings call, one of the titles will be an “unannounced sports title”. EA will also ship at least three games “drawing on the breadth of our IP” on console and PC, not including Command & Conquer Remastered:

That includes 4 new EA SPORTS titles, FIFA, Madden, NHL and 1 more unannounced sports title, all of which deliver on the mix of creativity, authenticity and quality that sets EA SPORTS apart. EA SPORTS will also lead for us on the next-generation consoles this year, and we’re excited to share more about the breakthroughs in those experiences soon. Our FY ’21 plans also include 4 more games drawing on the breadth of our IP from Command & Conquer Remastered to unannounced games for console and PC. We’ll have more games from indie developers launching this year through EA partners and 2 new mobile titles leveraging top IP that will bring to players worldwide.

The unannounced games don’t include ones that have been revealed, namely the Medal of Honor VR game from Respawn or the Burnout Paradise Remastered Switch port. There’s been some strong rumours of late that one of the unannounced games could be a Mass Effect Trilogy remaster, which Venturebeat is supremely confident in reporting.

As for the unannounced sports game, it’s definitely not the NCAA franchise, even though Andrew Wilson told Bloomberg how fans email him every day begging him to bring back the NCAA football games. NBA Live has been sitting on ice for ages, but when asked directly about basketball, Wilson said the following:

With respect to NBA Live, nothing more to announce at this time other than I would also tell you we have a great relationship with the NBA. We’ve been partners with them for a very long time. I’ve personally spent time with the NBA at the most senior levels talking about innovative new ways to deliver new interactive content to NBA fans that maybe aren’t engaging in games today. And we’ll have more to share on that in the coming months.

That sounds like a new UFC title is probably more likely than NBA Live at this point, given the troubles EA has had with the franchise over the last couple of years. EA also plans to bring its Origin Access subscription offering to Steam, and Apex Legends was still on track for a mobile launch sometime this year.

So out of the 14 games EA has planned, here’s the ones that are announced:

  • FIFA 21
  • Madden 21
  • NHL 21
  • Burnout Paradise Remastered
  • Command & Conquer Remastered
  • Medal of Honor VR
  • “Unannounced” sports game

You can probably include Apex Legends Mobile in that list, depending on how development goes, and the Mass Effect remaster (or whatever remake EA has planned in the works). The question is: what else is EA publishing between now and April? And, more interestingly, if you were EA, what games would you want to remaster?


  • I totally forgot it existed but PvZ 3 is actually coming… with that in mind if mobile games are counted, 14 isn’t that big a number

    don’t think I’ve heard much rumors of a ME remaster but I’m totally down for it

    • I’d pick up an ME trilogy for the Switch as I’ve not played it yet.

      Were EA also behind that Roman gods mythical Zelda type game that was teased at e3 then pulled back from release?

      • Were EA also behind that Roman gods mythical Zelda type game that was teased at e3 then pulled back from release?

        Are you thinking of Ubisoft’s Gods & Monsters?

      • That’s Ubisoft it’s called “Gods and Monsters”.

        It’s from the People who made Assassins Creed Odyessy

    • I thought they were planning another ME sequel. but id be down for a remaster of the first 3 games. Think im about due for my 6th playthrough.

      • I’m one of those rare people that enjoyed Andromeda so I was mildly bummed that arc didn’t pan out

        I do wonder what they’ll do though if the make a 5th title. it seems fairly clear cut that there’s a pre and post reaper world in the main story arc

        • I don’t trust Bioware as far as I can throw them, now. Considering Andromeda a failure that put the franchise on ice but doubling down on Anthem and pursuing a MORE multi-player Dragon Age (I weep for the loss of ‘Joplin’ in favour of bullshit-sounding ‘Morrison’) indicates a fundamental failure to understand when they actually have a good thing or not.

          • ah Anthem and Dragon Age, 2 franchise that seems to have gone radio silent

            although the last rumor I read about DA 4 was they are yet again re scoping the game so heaven knows what design brief they are working off

  • Hmmm…..more Switch games? I’ll take that.

    Would love a Madden or NHL on the Switch to be honest.

  • Isn’t Crysis an EA ip, I’m fairly certain that I read somewhere it’s getting remastered…
    Maybe add that one to the list?

  • I would guess either a new Burnout or Need for Speed game, a new Peggle, a new The Sims game, a Mass Effect trilogy remaster, a new Dragon Age mobile game, a relaunch of Anthem (like how FF14 relaunched), a new SSX (I really want this), and a brand new title, some type of indie platform game I imagine, as that is something they really don’t have in their portfolio.

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