Fallout: New Vegas’ Fan Remake Is Coming Along Nicely

Fallout: New Vegas’ Fan Remake Is Coming Along Nicely

Fallout 4: New Vegas is a very ambitious mod that’s not just trying to recreate New Vegas inside Fallout 4, but is having to re-record every line of dialogue as well. That would be enough work to kill 99% of fan projects, but these guys are still plugging away.

This new video shows some of the progress they’ve been making. The voice acting is great!

If you’re wondering just how much better it looks than (and how close it sounds to) the original,let’s travel back to 2010:

Of course, having one short dialogue sequence completed doesn’t speak to how close they are to finishing the rest of the game, but sometimes with big mods like these it’s just nice to get some proof of life from time to time.


  • That would be enough work to kill 99% of fan projects
    Pretty sure 99% off an projects are killed off by “cease and desist” letters after they get a news article in Kotaku or Polygon.

    Pokemon Uranium, Super Mario 64, AM2R, Metal Gear Solid, PT remake, SW battleground…

    • From what I’ve heard when the mod is finished it will require a purchased version of new vegas for the mod to work on Fallout 4.

      Not to mention that Bethesda is keenly aware pissing off the modding community is very bad PR. They learnt that with paid mods on steam.

    • I kinda thought they already had been, when they tried to use the old New Vegas audio and move it into FO4. And the compromise was that they had to record new audio.

      • That was the Capital Wasteland mod bringing Fallout 3 into the Fallout 4 engine that had a cease & desist because of re-using the audio, but yes, they compromised and are recording all new lines. I’m sure Liam Neeson wouldn’t care less about people re -using his lines in a mod for a game over 10 years old.

        As for Zar’s concerns, Bethesda are well aware of these mods, Skyblivion as well. As long as the modders don’t do anything they shouldn’t like try to profit from their mods then they won’t get in their way. If they were going to they would have done long ago.

        The only question is when will they see the light of day

  • Hopefully Teh Toddmeister refrains from giving them the ol’ cease-and-desist treatment. I’d happily play it.

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