The Best Deals From Fanatical's 'May Madness' Sale

pc game deals fanatical

Fanatical currently has over 1,600 PC games on sale. That's a lot to dig through — but we've done the work for you. From Civilization VI for $21.18 to indie hit Indivisible for $39.21, here's the best deals from Fanatical's May Madness Sale.

Fanatical is also currently offering a range of great bundles worth checking out.

Is there anything here that catches your eye?

Indivisible Is Overwhelming In The Best Way

Fifteen hours into Indivisible, the long-awaited action role-playing game from Skullgirls creator Lab Zero, I’m still meeting new playable characters and discovering new ways to explore its gorgeous 2D world. I’m overwhelmed every time I play, and I love it.

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Let's Rank The Civilization Games, Worst To Best

How do you separate greatness? You can only try. And remember that hexes > grids. In this latest instalment of Pecking Order, I’m going to be choosing between some of my favourite, and most-played games of all time.

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    I always forget that Fanatical exists when I'm looking up my collection of purchased titles. They've got some pretty great bundles!

      I still think of them as BundleStars, though I do appreciate being able to buy in AUD nowadays – unlike IndieGala which has kinda fallen by the wayside (at least when Groupees started winding down their gaming bundles a bit they were able to push a lot of great music and comic bundles instead)

        Haha, my first purchase with them was in 2015, and I didn't make another one until three years later, thanks to another Kotaku article.

      I blame you for this, Tiglet thanks you

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey 21.66 off GMG. Shows slightly more if you are not logged in. As always appreciate posts like this, thanks.

    Tekken 7 - $14.41
    The link says $A32.87 when I click on it...

      This originally linked out to the Ultimate Edition, which is $32.87. The base game is $14.41 and the link has now been fixed. Cheers!

    Hotline Miami is included in the new humble bundle with Beatcop and Dustforce DX for only $1.50. Buy that instead.

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