Fans Remember Hana Kimura As Terrace House Episodes Are Suspended In Japan

Fans Remember Hana Kimura As Terrace House Episodes Are Suspended In Japan
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This weekend, Terrace House star and professional wrestler Hana Kimura died at the age of 22 years old. Fans around the world were saddened to hear of her sudden passing.

Note: If you are ever considering taking your own life, please know that there are people who will listen and can help.

Hailing from a wrestling family, Hana made her debut in 2016, and one of the reasons why she wanted to join the popular Terrace House series was to get people interested in wrestling. Stardom, the wrestling organisation to which Kimura belonged, issued a statement about her passing and while the cause of death hasn’t yet been officially announced, as of writing, it’s believed she died by suicide.

As the current Terrace House season aired, Kimura experienced online harassment, which is thought to have contributed to her death. As Deadspin points out, this has brought new attention to cyberbullying. According to Asahi News, former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama tweeted that Japan should consider punishment for targeted, severe online bullying.

Kimura appeared on the latest season of Terrace House, which is set in Tokyo. Production was halted in April due to the novel coronavirus virus and has once again been suspended after Kimura’s death. According to the show’s official Japanese Twitter, episodes 43 and 44 were slated for Japanese TV on May 25 and 26 but won’t be aired. These episodes were also scheduled for Netflix, but according to the Netflix Japan account, the streaming of future episodes will be suspended. The US-based Netflix Twitter has yet to make a statement on the status of Terrace House: Tokyo 2019-2020.

Sponichi Annex quotes one Japanese TV insider as saying that considering the circumstances it will be “difficult” for the show to continue airing even on Japanese TV, something another TV insider also pointed out.

Terrace House cast members have written lengthy, emotional messages to Kimura on their social network accounts. Reina Triendl, one of the show’s hosts, wrote the following message in both Japanese and English:

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花ちゃんの訃報に関して、 何らかの方法で花ちゃんを守ってあげることができたのではないかと、心を痛めております。  そして、人が人を不用意に傷つけることなく、もっと愛のある優しい世界をつくることはできないものだろうかと、考えています。  心よりご冥福をお祈り申し上げます。   The death of Hana Kimura is a real tragedy and, as a member of the Terrace House team I sincerely wonder whether I could have done more to better protected Hana in some way.  Also, I wonder whether it is possible for us all, off-line and especially also on-line, to create a kinder, more loving world in which we do not hurt and damage others, even inadvertently.  My thoughts and prayers today are with you, Hana, and with your family and friends.

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The wrestling world has reacted to Kimura’s sudden passing:

Fans have been remembering Kimura with tributes and illustrations. 

May she rest in peace. 


  • When i found out the other day, this made me really, really sad.
    People on social media are just the worst.

    • Not all, But a fair amount of Japanese and Korean fans (Especially KPOP) are very rabid on social media.

      It’s not the first time they have driven a star to suicide.

  • A Granny gets a bunch of backseaters and YouTubers harassing her so she decides to stop streaming: 24 comments.
    A Japnese wrestler commits suicide, most likely due to cyber-bullying: 2 comments (Excluding this one)

    GG humanity.

      • It’s an indication of what motivates people to talk about or feel enough of a connection to comment on a particular issue.

        • So, therefore, the only implication is a negative one? Its not at all possible that people not wanting to comment for positive reasons.

          Not to mention that it wasn’t a bunch of backseaters and YouTubers harassing her. SkyrimGrandma came out and called bullshit on the stories.

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