First Details About Evo’s Online Fighting Game Tournament

First Details About Evo’s Online Fighting Game Tournament
Screenshot: <a href="">Evo</a>

As Kotaku previously reported, this year’s in-person Evo in Las Vegas, Nevada has been cancelled. In its place, an online version will be held over the course of five weekends. 

The original, official line-up doesn’t appear to make the jump to the online tournament: both Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 do not appear in the teaser clip for Evo Online. 

Evo Online, however, will host four open online tournaments for Mortal Kombat II: Aftermath, Killer Instinct, Them’s Fightin’ Herds, and Skullgirls 2nd Encore.

The dates for Evo Online are July 4th to 5th, July 11th to 12th, July 18th to 19th, July 25th to 26th, and July 31th to August 2nd. 


  • It’s Mortal Kombat 11 not Mortal Kombat II lol.

    Anyway Smash’s exclusion isn’t surprising given that its netcode is shit. If anything the competitive community is breathing a sight of relief that it’s been removed.

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