Four More Games Added To Nintendo's Switch Online Library

Nintendo just announced four new (well, old) games coming to it’s Switch Online service for May. Three are for the SNES, and one for the NES.

From May 20, you’ll be able to play Wild Guns, Panel de Pon and Operation Logic Bomb from the SNES, and Rygar from the NES.

Note that none of those games involve Donkey Kong.


    Well, at least we know they're still supporting it, that's a good sign. Wouldn't be surprised to see something big drop on it now some time around the next Direct (which at this point could be august/september, if they're delaying past the usual E3 time). Mario All Stars please!

      Apparently All Stars might be coming as part of a All Stars 2 collection.

      One can hope, as being honest, All Stars improved Mario 1-3 enough that I don't want to play the NES versions.

    Wasn't Panel De Pon translated as Tetris Attack with Yoshi characters in the west?Interesting that they'd just put the Japanese version in. At any rate, that game is fantastic. Wild Guns is good fun too.

    People love to complain, but I think for the price we pay, the collection of free NES and Super NES games is excellent. You're already getting more titles than on either of the Minis.

    Wild Guns is great, but I already grabbed the remastered version (which is greater).

    If long held a fascination with Rygar, but I think it will probably be a letdown.

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