Ghostrunner Is Pretty Damn Good

Ghostrunner Is Pretty Damn Good

Stop me if this doesn’t sound like a good idea. You’re a robotic ninja, just escaped from imprisonment, and its your job to wall-run, slide, and air-dodge every bullet that comes your way – so you can slice everything in front of you.

That’s the supremely simple pitch for Ghostrunner, a first-person “slasher” game that’s due out later this year. A demo for Ghostrunner went live on Steam last week, owing to the fact that indies like Ghostrunner would normally demo at gaming conventions.

But since those aren’t an option, it’s time for demos to make a comeback. Featured as part of the Digital Dragons Indie Celebration, Ghostrunner is the kind of game that would have absolutely cleaned up at a PAX. The demo supports rudimentary ray-tracing already, and even then there’s a ton to like. You’re a cybernetic ninja. The entire city has a touch of Blade Runner with the constant rain, and it’s backed by a soundtrack from Daniel Deluxe, who also did the soundtrack for DESYNC a few years back.

As for gameplay, Ghostrunner plays out a little bit like an FPS game crossed with a bullet hell shooter. You’re dead in one hit, so the objective is to dodge as much as possible and to not get caught in crossfires. To help you out in this regard, you can wall-run, grapple, and you can hold your dash to let you slightly dodge left or right, avoiding incoming projectiles.

In between bouts of slicing are some basic platforming elements. What’s contained in the demo isn’t especially challenging, but there’s enough layouts that the demo alone is fun to replay just to speedrun. The movement is relatively quick, and while the game doesn’t tell you outright, you can even reflect bullets by attacking at the right moment.

Ghostrunner is coming out in the third quarter of this year for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. (The video strap mentions Switch, but that hasn’t been officially confirmed. Apologies.)

For more info, follow the official Steam listing here.


  • Seems kinda cool.
    But i feel like i’d get sick of it quick. 1 hit, die repeat section. Attacking is 1 basic quick slash on enemies you can barely register is happening.
    Still i can definitely see the appeal even if its not quite for me.

    From that first paragraph i was imagining more of a titanfall/Nier automata cross (as in, more direct combat focus than this has). Disappointed it’s not that.

  • Stop me if this doesn’t sound like a good idea. You’re a robotic ninja

    You son of a bitch! I’m in!

  • I liked what I played, but the controls need some fine tuning. Graphically its solid, but the enemies aren’t memorable. Hoping to have a stronger story and some more memorable fights.

  • While it looked great and the room traversal was great, I found the combat absolutely woeful. Dodging enemy fire felt more like luck than skill, especially for any enemy that wasn’t directly in front of you – and the levels were designed such that you had to fight multiple enemies. I’ll be interested to see what it turns out like at the end, but in its current form, it’s a definite pass from me.

  • Swap these grimy backgrounds for brightly lit and colorful ones with checkered grass and you’d get what a 3D Sonic game should have been.

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