Wild Easter Eggs, Roleplaying As Aussie Cops And Other Reasons To Replay GTA V

Wild Easter Eggs, Roleplaying As Aussie Cops And Other Reasons To Replay GTA V
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Grand Theft Auto V is a game you really should have played by now, but if you haven’t, you’re in luck. The Epic Games Store is giving it to you for free on PC until May 21.

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Released back in 2013, Grand Theft Auto V received critical acclaim across the board for its incredible storytelling, gameplay mechanics and detailed open world, among other things. Since then, fans of the game have had plenty to keep them busy, including numerous easter eggs like the wild hunt for Big Foot, a very sad dog, and much more.

Grand Theft Auto V also garnered quite a large community of roleplayers, becoming a huge phenomenon on Twitch. It even reached Australia where a small but dedicated group of players roleplay as police, complete with NSW Police skins modded into the game. This caught the attention of the Police Commissioner seven years later.

The wider Grand Theft Auto V community is a fun one to get involved in. Outside of roleplaying, the general hijinks of running amok in an enormous open world can lead to things like trying to blow up an indestructible dam and scouring for cut or hidden content.

For those new to Grand Theft Auto V, it offers the same kind of ‘do whatever the hell you want’ seasoning that its predecessors were praised for. Simply cruising around Los Santos and getting up to your own brand of mischief is just as fun as hanging out of a helicopter with a sniper rifle during a set mission. On top of that, there are a tonne of side missions and activities from golf to tennis to bowling and more to keep you occupied.

Even if you do manage to get tired of all that, there’s the option to get your mates involved with GTA Online, which is packed with even more missions, heists and multiplayer modes. In other words, it’s nigh on impossible to get bored in the world of Grand Theft Auto V.

Despite being a seven-year-old game, its visuals still hold up tremendously well and can even be enhanced further with a number of third-party graphics packs.

If you’re keen to wreak some havoc of your own in Los Santos, be sure to log in to the Epic Games Store before May 21 to claim your copy of Grand Theft Auto V. It’s free on PC and once it’s in your library, it’s yours to keep forever.


  • dunnno I’m finding it to be a bit clunky, the controls seem to vary wildly on pc. Also the story mode is woeful, whoever wrote it should have been fired in the first scenes.

    • It’s an amazing world with tons of detail, but those opening scenes are pretty horrendously written. I recently fired up Sleeping Dogs for a quick play and was struck by how it had so much character by comparison.

      GTA V is a masterpiece in world creation, depth and fleshing out a sandbox, but it feels like a amazingly busy, yet soulless world.

      • Yeah that’s pretty much what I found, no character and poor writing. I also found the controls very frustrating compared to SA.

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