Hellboy’s Creator Is Drawing Pokémon And I Love Them

Some combinations are no-brainers. Chocolate and peanut butter? Boom, done, delicious. But real magic is when tastes you had never thought of combining, like French fries and milkshakes, come together and surprise you. Earlier today, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola dropped a load of milkshake-covered French fries on our collective plates with his beautiful renditions of several classic Pokémon.

Mignola’s work has always fascinated me in the way it mixes jagged, simplistic silhouettes with an intricate eye for light and shading. His characters seem larger than life, blending into the shadows in a way that blurs the line between figure and environment. Everything he creates appears hewn from stone, some sanded down and some still craggy, but all possessing an organic quality that feels tangible despite being just drawings on a glossy page.

But I’ve written enough. Time for the artwork to do the talking.


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