I Am Sorry, My Cat, But You Will Soon Be Tom Nook

I Am Sorry, My Cat, But You Will Soon Be Tom Nook

While my cold, rational brain knows my cat will fight me over this, will claw and scream and resist at every turn, my stupid heart is like fuck it, let’s dress this cat up as Tom Nook with some bootleg Chinese animal cosplay because it will look amazing, no matter the pain involved.

Behold: lil hats that make your cat look like Tom Nook:

Or, if that’s not enough, there are lil shirts that make your cat look even more like Tom (or Timmy and Tommy) Nook.

I won’t link this stuff directly, because Nintendo’s lawyers have a reputation, but if you want to see the catalogue shoots of even more cats looking deeply uncomfortable, a quick search of the big Chinese ecommerce sites will get you results pretty quick.

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  • You’d know if I tried to put any of these on my Lord and Master.

    My arm would be missing below the elbow.

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