In Japan, Get Sushi From Shirtless Macho Men

Do you like raw fish and... beefcakes? Well, good news! In Nagoya, a new delivery service is staffed with hunky men packing buff bods and delicious sushi.

Called Vber Macho, muscle-bound dude will bring sushi to your house, strike some flex poses, and then smile for photos.

They even will practice social distancing when delivering, allowing you to safely admire muscles from afar.

Vber Macho delivers primarily in Nagoya, but they will deliver to Tokyo for orders over 80,000 yen ($1,135) and to Osaka for orders over 50,000 yen ($710).


    this is very sexually objective. why are we allowing this?

      Because it's ok to sexually objectify men, duh

      Holy confected outrage! Quick, to the pearl clutcher-mobile, Predictably Precious-man!!

    I get that they'd know better but I would have read that as "Viva Macho".

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