In The Age Of Covid-19, Japanese Drinking Parties Look Complicated

In The Age Of Covid-19, Japanese Drinking Parties Look Complicated
Screenshot: <a href="">NHK</a>

As the number of novel coronavirus cases drop in Japan, perhaps some people will want to go out and drink with others. Whether or not they should, is another matter!

For the past few months, people in Japan have been participating in online drinking parties called “on-nomi,” which is short for “online drinking.” Basically, you’re drinking with folks through your webcam which is both safe and comfortable. The folks I drink with are really nice.

As of writing, Japan has a total of 16,000 cases with 768 deaths. The state of emergency continues in places like Osaka, where I live, and Tokyo, where people continue to stay at home. 

NHK recently did a report showing a small trail-run of a social-distancing party in Oita. That prefecture, with a population over a million, has reported sixty cases and one death.

Participates wore plastic visors and snuck sips after lowering their masks. 

ImageNHK” loading=”lazy” > Screenshot: NHK

Hrm……… On-nomi still seems safer, obviously, especially if you’re in Osaka or Tokyo—and from the look of those visors, less sweaty!

I understand that these council members participated in this event to help promote safety while partying. (Also, I realise that the Japanese food and drink industry is taking quite a hit—as it no doubt is everywhere.) But……. 

ImageNHK” loading=”lazy” > Screenshot: NHK

Drinking alcohol does lower your immunity, so that is certainly something else to keep in mind, among other factors that could put you and others at risk.


  • well in terms of practicality, the visor definitely seems better especially since one of the person in the mask picture is taking it off wrong lol

  • It was already complicated, as in farcically hypocritical. Japan is notoriously heavy handed about drugs and yet alcohol is still legal. The only thing which has caused more suffering in our civilised history than alcohol is religion. In the most fundamental and objective sense alcohol is a negative thing, it’s a depressant and a literal poison, it poisons and damages the brain and liver, we all know that but what most people don’t think of is that it’s also one of the largest causes of evil in all human history, forget the last few thousand years, even today, how many stories of child abuse and domestic violence start with the words ‘my father drank’, ‘my husband likes to drink’, ‘she always had a glass of wine in her hand’ etc, that’s all you need to say, if someone asks what your father was like and you say ‘he drank’ they intuitively know it wasn’t a good situation, the vast majority of rapes in the western world are a direct result of consumption of alcohol by the victim, perpetrator, or both, as well as physical violence, domestic violence/abuse, injuries and accidental deaths including drunk driving. The fact that it is legal while weed isn’t in most of the world is stomach-churning in its stupidity and hypocrisy and Japan is one of the worst examples.

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