Indivisible’s New DLC Puts Players’ Skills To The Test

Indivisible’s New DLC Puts Players’ Skills To The Test
Razmi does not like it when you win (Screenshot: Lab Zero Games, Kotaku)

Lab Zero Games’ delightful action RPG Indivisible has plenty of demanding platforming and combat, but a little more never hurts. The new Razmi’s Challenges DLC gives players 40 jumping, sliding, flying, and fighting tasks to complete, along with a heaping helping of everyone’s favourite curmudgeonly shaman.

Available now for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 (with Switch coming soon), the $12 paid expansion sees bored tiger shaman Razmi creating a series of challenges inside main character Ajna’s inner realm, as one does. Challenges are split up into platforming and battle categories. Battle challenges involve fighting creatures, of course, while platforming challenges are short gauntlets requiring the use of Ajna’s special travel abilities to see her through. For players still playing through the game’s main story, new challenges unlock as Ajna acquires the required skills in-game.

ImageScreenshot: Lab Zero Games, Kotaku

What rewards await players who complete all 40 of Razmi’s challenges? Isn’t a side story featuring so much of Razmi’s signature sass enough? I’m sure there’s something nice. I’m fine with more Razmi.

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