Intel’s 10th Gen Desktop CPUs: Australian Price And Release Date

Intel’s 10th Gen Desktop CPUs: Australian Price And Release Date
Image: Intel

It’s a big year for gaming hardware. We’re getting some proper competition in the GPU market, new consoles are playing with ray-tracing for the first time, and 4K gaming might actually become the norm for mid-range PCs. To go with that, you’ll want some new CPUs and Intel has some gaming offerings to consider.

Not all retailers have access to the full range of chips, and some retailers differ slightly on price – Mwave is selling the i9-10900KF for $899, while Scorptech is pushing the same chip for $919.

It’s worth adding that most of the i3 quadcore chips aren’t available in Australia yet, neither are some of the 10th gen i5 hexacore lines. As for the i9, i7 and i5 series that have been released first in Australia, these chips will start shipping in Australia from May 20. Pre-orders are live now.

Intel 10th Gen Desktop CPUs (Available in Australia)
CPU Cores/Threads Base GHz Boost GHz (All Cores) TDP (Power) Integrated Graphics Price
i9-10900K 10C/20T 3.7 4.8 125 630 $999
i9-10900KF 10C/20T 3.7 4.8 125 $899
i7-10700K 8C/16T 3.8 4.7 125 630 $749
i7-10700KF 8C/16T 3.8 4.7 125 $699
i5-10600K 6C/12T 4.1 4.5 125 630 $499
i5-10600KF 6C/12T 4.1 4.5 125 $449
i5-10400 6C/12T 2.9 4.0 65 630 $339
i5-10400F 6C/12T 2.9 4.0 65 $299

For comparison, the i5-10400F is competing directly against the Ryzen 5 3600, which has largely been the go-to all-round budget gaming and productivity CPU since its release last year. (The recently launched 3300X is an even better bang-for-buck gaming offering at $205, and something Intel doesn’t have a local competitor to just yet.)

The i7-10700KF, meanwhile, will be battling against AMD’s octa-core 3700X, although it’ll be doing so at $699. That’s at least $120 more than what most major retailers are selling the 3700X for – some are even going as low as $529 – and the 3700X comes with a serviceable, if supremely loud, air cooler. You’ll need your own third-party cooler for the Intel chips, so that cost has to be factored in as well. The 10700KF has a frequency advantage on the 3700X, of course, but whether it’s worth the premium only benchmarks will tell.

It’ll be interesting to see how the chips fare in real-world scenarios. With the chips shipping to consumers next week, the embargo on real-world results isn’t far away. As we get more info and testing results on how the 10th gen fares in current games, we’ll keep you posted.


  • Benchmarks will have to be very interesting to recommend this.

    If it wasn’t yet another chipset, I think this set would be tempting especially for those on 9 series,, but yet another board purchase, with the fact that still no PCI-E 4.0 support means I’d be loathe to buy this (yes we know PCI-E Gen 4x is kinda pointless atm, but with phison SSD’s about to drop offering up to 10 Gb/s and GPU’s looking increasingly bandwidth starved, I think I’d prefer the choice).;

    • Agreed, definitely want to see some ‘in the wild’ benchmarks, but it doesn’t look promising.

      Even being veeery generous to intel, comparing the 10700KF + Z490 Motherboard (I used the TUF Gaming Wifi) vs 3700x and X570 Motherboard there’s nearly $200 difference.

      Being less generous, comparing the full 10700K, factoring the cost of a CPU cooler and picking a B450 board for the 3700x and that price difference becomes over $500.

      Early reports show decent but not ground breaking performance but with a huge cost to power/heat too.

      Sure Intel has higher frequency and will perform better in CPU bound games (ie benchmarks with little real world benefit), but everything else is pretty much a wash performance wise. Makes it hard to recommended.

    • not sure on GPUs being bandwidth starved. GPUs dont need more than a PCI-E Gen 3.0 x8 slot, let alone anything available on Gen 4.0.
      SSD’s only currently use a PCI-E 3.0 4x slot, so theres plenty of wiggle room there should the PS5 promote some form of new SSD technology.
      A new chipset for essentially just an overclock of the previous gen of CPUs? thats a hard ask. These CPUs are only a good buy for people that havent upgraded their PC since 2013.

    • they had a C before tbh but my google skills fails me lol

      still wonder they picked “F” to mean the lack of integrated gpu. at least the K exists in “unlocked”

  • My really ancient rigs hdd have started to see their end of life (bsod anyone?) So i figured its time for a full upgrade had my parts list completed and checked on pc parts picker..

    And of course completely missed the fact new generation cpu coming and its a new chip requiring new mobis =P oh well… not like i could afford the prices for the new chips and new boards anyway

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