It’s Friday, So Let’s Dig Through Steam’s Free-To-Play Gems

It’s Friday, So Let’s Dig Through Steam’s Free-To-Play Gems
Image: Chex Quest HD

It’s been a real busy week in games, but there’s also been a ton of interesting free games pushed out recently. We don’t spend a lot of time on those – well, Amazon’s flailing investment aside – so for today’s stream, we’re going Steam diving.

Leah and I have spent some time digging through Steam’s free-to-play section, and for this week’s livestream we’ll be showing off some of what we found. Chex Quest has always fascinated me, as it was the progeny of that small era where Kellogg’s were giving away magical games with cereal. We never did get any shooters in our Coco Pops in Australia, but I’d argue it’s hard to beat Age of Empires 2 and Rollercoaster Tycoon.

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But there’s a lot more that has totally flown under the radar. So we’ll be playing through a short selection of stuff we’ve had on our list recently. We’ll be livestreaming from 2:30pm AEST to 3:30pm AEST, after which point we’ll check out and probably grab ourselves a drink before the day wraps up.

Something else I’d like to mess around with at some point is a bunch of old demo CDs. I’ve written about getting these working before, but recently I got a USB DVD drive, specifically so I could dig out some of the old PC Powerplay/PC Gamer discs that I’ve kept in a jewel case since I was a kid.

Demos are starting to come back as well – but that’s an article for another time. What were your favourite demos, and what have been your favourite free-to-play games?

A Short, Official History Of Chex Quest

Chex Quest is pretty iconic in the United States and around the world as a video game you got with a box of cereal. Originally, however, the game would have been set in a cornfield with a flashlight.

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