Microsoft Will Show Xbox Series X First-Party Games In July, Still Promising Halo For Launch

Microsoft says it plans to show updates on its first-party games sometime in July and is still planning on launching Xbox Series X and Halo: Infinite later this year.

The company shed more light on its plans for the rest of 2020 in a blog post earlier today, including announcing a series of “monthly moments” in which it will share information about next-gen starting with this week’s look at third-party games for the Xbox Series X on May 7. 


    Press X to Doubt.

      It seems unlikely that they are unnaffected. But perhaps it just hasn't troubled them as much as other companies (im talking 343 industries).

      Because of any game/company that microsoft would have the money and willingness to bankroll working at home gear for, it would be the halo launch title for a new console.
      So it could maybe possibly still be relatively on track.
      It's also been the longest development period for any halo game, so perhaps they were just 'ahead' on schedule anyway.

      A man can dream, at least.
      I need me my halo 'not' 6 on PC ASAP.

        Im just going off on how little weve seen and with the state of the world, its probably not a good sign.

          Oh yeah, I really don't disagree (i meant to say that).
          More just being hopeful and saying possible ways they might not be screwed yet.

          I agree we have seen very little, especially compared to H5 that had the open beta 1 year before release. I really thought after giving themselves 5 years of development they'd do the same thing a year out tbh, but thats gone and passed, can't imagine anything more than a stress test beta happening now. Not sure if thats worrying or comforting

          But because it really is something they NEED to have with xbox series x at launch. I think microsoft would be doing absolutely everything in their power to keep it on track.
          So i guess thats what making me think positively for now.

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