Modder Makes Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis Even Scarier

Modder Makes Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis Even Scarier
Screenshot: Capcom, <a href="">YouTube</a>

Sometimes things are more than they appear. In this Resident Evil 3 mod that’s not the case. It replaces Nemesis with Shrek. That’s it. That’s the entire mod.

We saw a ton of mods transforming Resident Evil 2’s Mister X into the likes of Thomas the Tank Engine and others when it came out last year. Since Resident Evil 3‘s Nemesis functions in much the same way, stalking the player from room to room and popping out when they least expect it, it’s not surprising players have been doing the same with him.

Released earlier this month and spotted over the weekend by PC Gamer, the Shrek Over Nemesis mod replaces the game’s titular villain with the DreamWorks green menace. Unlike some goofier replacements though, Shrek is truly unsettling. Here’s a video of the mod in action by its creator, MrMarco1003.

You can see Shrek in other parts of the game (and with some brighter settings on) in this video.

I imagine it’s just as satisfying if not more so dumping Shrek into a giant chemical vat and then lighting him up with a prototype railgun at the end of the game.

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