Nine-Year-Old Fortnite Player Banned For Four Years

Nine-Year-Old Fortnite Player Banned For Four Years

Zenon, a very good Fortnite player from Brazil who also happens to be just nine years old, has received a four-year competitive ban from Epic after the company found out he was playing in paid tournaments while under the game’s minimum age limit.

Only this week Zenon had entered, and placed, in a round of FNCS Solos open qualifiers, a global competition with prize money reaching into the millions.

But as Fortnite Intel report, also from earlier this week there’s footage of Zenon receiving his ban while playing alongside his Dad, who comforts his crying and clearly distraught son live on the stream.

I’m sure he’s sad, but like…Fortnite competitions have an age limit of 13? And this kid is nowhere near 13? So I’m not really sure what they were expecting to happen.

And I’m not really sure why a bunch of prominent Fortnite and esports folks, like FaZe owner Banks in that tweet, are calling for Epic to “let the kid play”? You gotta be 13 to play, and he’s nine!

The four-year ban might sound extreme, but it’s tied to his age; in 1459 days he’ll be 13 and actually eligible to enter competitions, provided Fortnite is still around by then.

The ban only covers competitive play; he’s still allowed to play in Fortnite’s casual modes.


    • It’s not an arbitrary rule, the laws around children, competitions, gaming and money are pretty strict.

      He can still play the game, he just can’t play in prize based tournaments for legal reasons.

      • Specifically, the US has a law called the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) that places very tight restrictions on how companies can acquire and use data from children under 13. Rather than even attempt to comply with the restrictions, most companies simply don’t allow kids under 13 to make accounts on their services.

        Even services like Facebook don’t allow accounts to be made by people under 13 years old.

        • Surely they’d still have COPPA related parental consent obligations if they’re letting him continue to play the casual modes though?

          I wonder what additional data they’re collecting or distributing in relation to the tournament?

  • Should 9 year olds be playing shooters?

    Seems people often have a hard one for parents not exposing their kids to games not suitable for them except in this case.

    Looks to be rated Teen or M from what I can see online, so 13 seems perfectly reasonable.

    • 13? The graphics may be cartoony but it is still a shooter. Should be 15+ at a minimum. The only reason the father would be upset by this ban is because he cant use his kid as a cash cow.

    • My son’s 10 and plays regularly and no he doesn’t confuse Fortnite game play with the real world.

    • Hate to be that guy, but kids play outside with water guns and project some pretty violent fantasies onto that play without experiencing shooter video games, It’s so hard to tell what is LEGITIMATELY suitable for kids.

      See my comment below ^__^

  • Sadly it’s not an arbitrary rule Epics applied, it’s a universal rule to match it’s legal obligations. A lot of countries have competition laws that expressely forbid minors from competing.

    Until early this decade in Australia you had to be over 18 cause it was still “online gaming” under state gambling laws.

    For example in Japan if your under 18 you can compete, but you can’t win a prize that is cash or has a market value that’s redeemable.

  • That will teach that 9 year old boy from Brazil a lesson not to play Fornite at a young age.
    9 year olds should not be playing shoot em up games like Epic Games Fornite or Blizzard’s Overwatch not at this young age because every time children play Fornite that’s rated M there parents find that children playing Fortnite are alarming when they should be focusing on their homework going to school or going to bed.
    Children should not be playing Fortnite that’s rated M until they are aged 15 years or over and as for that 9 year old boy from Brazil he is going to have to cop his Fortnite 4 year ban from Epic Games for the rest of his life Fortnite is also a bad game commonly known as buyer beware do not download or play Fortnite on the Internet this is an absolute warning to underage children.

  • It’s probably the right thing to do, But I feel so bad for the kid.

    I don’t think there’s anything inherently bad about a 9 year old playing fortnite, but the age restriction for competitive play is probably for a good reason.

    ah, I dunno, everyone processes experiences things differently.

    One kid could play Mortal Kombat 11 and be the sweetest kid around, whereas some other kid could play Mario and start killing turtles.

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