No Man’s Sky Coming To Xbox Game Pass And Windows PC In June

No Man’s Sky Coming To Xbox Game Pass And Windows PC In June
Screenshot: Hello Games

The procedurally-generated universe of Hello Games’ sci-fi epic is getting a massive influx of new explorers next month, as No Man’s Sky joins the Xbox Game Pass subscription service and scores a new Windows PC version.

In the nearly four years since its August 2016 release, No Man’s Sky’s has evolved from a relatively bare-bones space simulation into an intergalactic playground overflowing with cool things to do. Build a base. Command a fleet. Raise a living spaceship. Ride a mech. Starting next month, all of these activities and more will be available free to subscribers to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service.

Not just Xbox Game Pass, but Game Pass for PC as well. with the release of a new Windows 10 version of No Man’s Sky, launching next month. No word on cross-play between the Windows PC version and the existing Steam version of the game.

Check out Xbox Wire for more on No Man’s Sky Game Pass debut and upcoming version.

No Man's Sky Has Freaking Mechs Now

Hello Games continues its quest to add every cool science fiction thing possible to procedural space sim No Man’s Sky with free update 2.4, Exo Mech, which gives players access to giant effing pilotable mechs. Also other things, but mainly mechs.

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  • Oh shit thats pretty awesome.

    Was looking to buy the game on Xbox because the PC version doesn’t run well on my system.

  • It’s already on Windows from a bunch of different storefronts. I don’t really understand? Is calling it a “new Windows 10 version” or “Windows PC version” just a really elaborate way of saying it’s going to be on the Microsoft Store now in addition to Steam, GoG (where I bought it), and presumably other storefronts?

    …The versions available on those storefronts are already ‘Windows 10″ and “Windows PC” versions.

    • don’t they treat the GoG and Steam version differently in terms of update cadence (it’s like days / week out of each other)

      mind you it’s confusing to say “Windows 10 Version” when we’ve all been running the game on W10 lol

    • Microsoft refers to games released via the Windows app store as Windows 10 versions, although a better name for them would be UWP versions, as that’s the platform they use.

      I think most people these days refer to a game’s version based on the delivery platform rather than the operating system. For example, they would say “Steam version” or “EGS version” rather than “PC version” or “Windows version”.

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