Paralives, A New Sims-Like Game, Looks Cool

Paralives, A New Sims-Like Game, Looks Cool

The Sims has kinda had the “livin a life” genre all to itself for a while now (if you don’t count slightly different stuff like Stardew Valley), but the upcoming Paralives is looking to at least show that there are other ways to go around cleaning house and working out.

Coming to PC and Mac…sometime in the future, it lets you design your home, customise furniture and customise almost every facet of your character’s appearance. There’s also an open world neighbourhood outside your walls to interact with, which will have jobs, friendships and events to take part in.

To get an idea of how it’s shaping up, here are some videos. The first one shows how you can create your own neighbourhood:

This one shows the kind of control you’ll have over your furniture:

And here are the character customisation sliders:

Looks cool! Not that there’s anything wrong with the way The Sims has been handling stuff lately, but it’s always nice to have someone else come in and try to do things a little differently.


  • “Not that there’s anything wrong with the way The Sims has been handling stuff lately”

    So splitting up gameplay that should’ve been rolled into base game as of the last numbered game (seasons and pets as a bare minimum) and then splitting up older packs into even more packs to milk even more money out of a fanbase with no where else to go isn’t wrong?

    Not to mention the fact that Sims 4 arguably is worse than Sims 2 in terms of base content and expansions. Not even touching on game mechanics. The only thing 4 actually brought to the table in terms of innovation was ditching traditional sliders, rolling build/buy into one, and sims being able to multitask. Everything has been at least a good twenty steps back.

    If you want to make the argument that “but they’re communicating with the community about stuff packs and future updates now!”

    consider this: Half the future features they have us voting on in the non pack stuff should be in game already. Should have been for years. As for packs? Whoop-de-doo. It’s still stuff that has been chipped off a larger pack from a previous game.

    They’re just tossing us slightly larger crumbs and expecting us to thank them for their generosity. I can’t wait for Paralives and/or the rumoured competitor in development by the folks behind Cities: Skylines.

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