Please, Cate Blanchett, Do Not Star In The Borderlands Movie

Please, Cate Blanchett, Do Not Star In The Borderlands Movie
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Variety are reporting today that Cate Blanchett “is in talks to star as Lilith in Lionsgate’s ‘Borderlands,’ an adaptation of the popular video game”. This is sad and terrible news.

If you missed the announcement back in February, Eli Roth is directing an adaptation of Gearbox’s shooters, and between his involvement and the series’ trademark “humour” of late the prospects for this movie being physically excruciating to sit through couldn’t have been better.

But then along comes this report. Adding an actor like Blanchett to the project would be a coup, as one of the biggest hurdles video game movies face is overcoming the idea that respectable Hollywood types, whether they be behind or in front of the camera, often want little to do with them.

But Cate Blanchett? As Lilith? That would be amazing! For Gearbox and Lionsgate, who are making the movie, at least.

For me, as someone who doesn’t like Borderlands but does like Cate Blanchett, this would be a tragedy. Blanchett is a national treasure, and she is, quite frankly, better than this.

And I say that with the full recognition that aside from winning Academy Awards she has also seen fit to appear in nerd adaptations like Lord of the Rings and Thor (both of which she crushed), along with the 2008 Indiana Jones movie we collectively seem unable to forget.

A lot of reports from industry sites like Variety end up becoming a formality, just a part of the formal announcement process, but this is one bit of news I hope an agent has to come out and say wasn’t true.


  • I’ve got no problem with Blanchett doing this. She was pretty good in Thor Ragnarok, probably could have taken on stoneless Thanos by herself.

    I’m more concerned about Roth directing.

      • I can’t say since I haven’t actually seen any of his films, but I’d heard good things about Cabin Fever, and there are people that like Hostel. I can’t bring myself to watch it tho.

        • Cabin Fever I just found overrated. I didn’t think it was horrible, didn’t think it was great.

          But goddamn I take back what I said….

          Battle Angel Alita… Dusk Til Dawn… Sin City. Ok I’ll give it a fair chance.

          Edit: got confused here. Shouldn’t post while doing online schooling for my students… *totally* their fault right? 😛

          • Did he have anything to do with those films?
            He’s buddies with Tarantino but the only thing I can think of where they worked together was Inglorious Bastards.

          • Yep, he actually directed from Dusk Til Dawn, which Tarantino wrote, though apparently Tarantino did direct the opening scene to it himself. Alita was directed by him too. He also directed Sin City. Credit where credits due to him for those flicks. Unfortunately his resumes filled with so many damn turds alas too. He’s apparently great friends with Tarantino though which is why they work together so much.

          • I think you’re mistaking Eli Roth for Robert Rodriguez, or as I like to call him, RoRo

          • Yeah, pretty sure Rodriguez directed those three movies you mentioned.

            A quick Google search of both Roth and Rodriguez shows that I’m correct also.

            But Roth was apparently Tarantino’s best man at his wedding, so there’s that.

          • Im om the wrong tangent here sorry. Yeah youre right. I mixed up Roth and Rodriguez directing before lol.

            Roth has way too many shithouse films for me to be excited about this…

    • I mean… does anyone really want a Borderlands movie?

      Borderlands whole shtick is that it’s Diablo with guns (and that it’s not GaaS).

      If they think it’s the world which people like, then they’re in for a rude shock.

      • I like some of the characters like Lilith and Claptrap, along with the humour (generally), not enough to want a movie about it though…

        • We just have to settle for a Diablo Netflix anime (?) Instead…

          But if it’s anything like Castlevania, I’ll be happy

      • Diablo with guns huh, hadn’t really thought about it like that. I always considered Borderlands (at least up until the more diverse environments of the 3rd game) to basically just be a more modern Mad Max style affair.
        I don’t really see how they can turn it into a movie that isn’t rather generic. But hey, I’m fine with that. I still like the 2005 Doom movie.

  • This is such a weird article. I’m not the biggest fan of Blanchett or Borderlands, but strange article…

  • What a weird whiny article. I’m all for giving a bad movie a bad review after it’s come out but wishing something out of existence before it’s even started being made seems more appropriate in youtube comments than on a journalistic platform that frequently produces good work. Missing Jason Schreier already.

  • Cate Blanchett has realised that people will pay her to have fun.

    There are a number of excellent actors who’ve got to this point. They don’t take themselves too seriously, they do projects they enjoy and have fun doing them. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Scarlett Johannson fall into this category.

    I reckon she’ll nail Lilith, just like she nailed Hela.

    • While they’re at it, they can cast Johnny Depp as Mordecai, Denzel Washington as Roland and Dolph Lundgren as Brick. They’d be known as the geriatric vault hunters.

      I’d rather see someone like Kristen Bell, who would be awesome for her voice, in the role.

    • Hell, the last 10 years of Adam Sandlers career has been defined as, “wait, I can get paid to go on holidays and spend time with my friends and family, doing something we all enjoy?”

      Which is exactly what he’s been doing. From what I understand, people (read: film crew) are wanting to work on Sandler films, because it is just a whole lot of fun and at the end of the day, they get paid.

      Can’t fault them really

  • I’d be more upset if it was actually a good film than if it was a bad one – if, of all the videogame franchises to be turned into a film the very first to be well liked by the general public was a borderlands movie – that would upset me.

    Maybe it would get that MGS movie (that will probably be awful, but also so stupidly convoluted it’d be fun) out of development hell, but outside of that nothing good can come from a popular borderlands movie.

  • You ever get the idea that maybe Luke doesn’t like Eli Roth?

    But boy a Borderlands movie? I couldn’t imagine a worse 90 minutes. Especially if it kept the humour from 2 onwards, or worse yet – had Tiny Tina in any capacity.

  • im gunna come out and say it, she is too old to play Lilith. Lilith is someone who is supposed to be in the late twenties/ early 30s. Cate is turning 51 this year, however she could be an awseome fleshed out Commander Steele or Athena

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