U.S. Political Consultant Suggests Rallying Democrats With Giant, Fortnite-Style Holographic Biden

U.S. Political Consultant Suggests Rallying Democrats With Giant, Fortnite-Style Holographic Biden
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Former Pete Buttigieg campaign advisor Lis Smith cited “Travis Scott’s takeover of Fortnite” as a strategy for Democrats to consider when it comes time for the party’s National Convention in August. Because if you’re not already excited about U.S. Politician Joe “30330” Biden, maybe parachuting around his giant digital head will do the trick.

“Stefan Smith, who had done digital work for Pete Buttigieg, cited the other day how Travis Scott’s take over of Fortnite and how that was a really creative way to think about it,” Smith told Politico’s Jake Sherman in a video interview, after being asked how she might run the 2020 Democratic convention if she were in charge.

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“If we could do that with Joe Biden, you know, Joe Biden and project it against the Grand Canyon, that might be a little bit ambitious, but we could have exclusive musical content from some of the biggest musical artists in the game at this driving eyeballs to the convention so that people watch them.”

Smith was making reference to rapper Travis Scott’s concert inside Fortnite last month, which drew an audience of over 12 million people. Larger than some of the game’s past events, the performance was full of special effects and choreography, including a giant singing avatar of Scott who was occasionally underwater and sometimes on literal fire, reshaping Fortnite’s world like some sort of in-game deity.

It’s not surprising that U.S. Democrats might think something similar could be done to pump energy back into a campaign whose most recent notable event was a digital town hall plagued by technical hiccups and glitches. Smith’s remarks were also depressingly reminiscent of that time back in 2016 when then Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton suggested someone try to figure out how to use Pokémon Go’s popularity to get people to “Pokémon Go to the polls.”

It’s unclear if anyone is taking Smith’s cringey spitballing seriously at a time when the actual U.S. President is suggesting people drink bleach as a pandemic ravages the country.

At the very least, ejaculating a giant Biden avatar onto one of the nation’s natural wonders might be a step up from hiding their candidate inside an honest-to-god podcast bunker.


    • It’s nothing to laugh about, the power players in the DNC already made it clear that they don’t actually care about who wins as long as the candidates are willing to tow the line.
      They had plenty of influence and made a lot of money during four years of Trump and they can happily do another four, it’s all about keeping up appearances now.

      • This is 100% true and I hate them for it. They don’t represent the American people’s interests at all, just their own, and they’d rather lose than improve their country at all. It’s sickening, and they’re as much to blame for Trump’s success as the republicans are.

        • I had hopes the democrats would learn from Hillary’s loss. But it been made obvious they learnt nothing at all and are exactly repeating the same mistakes they made at the previous election.

          The fact that a lot of democrats have thrown MeToo out the window just to defeat trump shows how far they have fallen.

          • I’m loving reading people commenting things such as “Biden may be a sexual predator, but I’m still going to vote for him”.

            I’m just going to sit back and enjoy the show over the next 4 years when Trump wins again. The blatant hypocrisy and lies of certain groups are shining rather brightly right now, and pretty soon, it’ll be blinding.

            I don’t consider myself an “anarchist” in any sense of the word… but watching the “world” burn is kinda fun.

          • It’s funny how evidence suddenly matters when its a democratic political candidate.

            But not when its a republican or anyone also not on the same political spectrum.

          • 100%

            The stark difference between the Democratic/Left’s handling of the Kavanaugh situation and the Biden situation is astounding, to say the least.

            I never thought i’d agree with Rose McGowan on anything, but her calling out Alyssa Milano is easily the best thing in a while.

          • Stretching it a bit to call the Democrats ‘left’. The frontrunner doesn’t even like the idea of public healthcare.

  • At this stage a 100 foot tall Biden robot launched from the moon wouldn’t make people excited for the candidate.

  • It makes sense since they’re basically propping up Biden like Weekend at Bernies (npi) at this point, they might as well get an AI to be their candidate.

    Note: this is a joke and I don’t believe any conspiracy theories stating Biden is dead and now an AI.

  • At this stage in this depressing election, I’d like to see them try, just so it can go horribly wrong, or somebody performs a crazy act of hacking and/or trolling just to give us all a bit of a laugh.

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