Rockstar Offers Free Alien Suits In GTA Online As The Alien War Continues

Rockstar Offers Free Alien Suits In GTA Online As The Alien War Continues
Which side are you on? (Screenshot: Rockstar Games, <a href="">Twitter</a>)

The Alien War in Grand Theft Auto Online has continued since we last reported on it over a week ago. And now Rockstar is officially supporting the war and offering players both alien suits for free.

As with most wars, tracking down the exact moment the conflict began is impossible. But over the last few weeks, the war between purple and green aliens in GTA Online has grown. What started out as a small conflict between some players has become a large scale war between thousands.

Since we last checked in on the current state of the war back on April 30, the community around it has also expanded. There are now multiple subreddits dedicated to the ongoing conflict and some of these groups have thousands of members already. What makes all of this so impressive its that this war wasn’t created by Rockstar via an in-game event. Instead, this was created completely by fans via viral posts and videos.

Yet while this started as a fan-created event, Rockstar has now officially acknowledged the war. The Rockstar Games Twitter account tweeted yesterday that for the next week both the green and purple alien suits will be free to all players. In their tweet, they also reference the current conflict stating “Grab yours and join the fight…”

Of course, as this war has continued and keeps getting bigger, some players have pushed back and created counter groups and are trying to eradicate the aliens. Other players are just tired of the whole thing and want it to end.

Personally, I think the Alien War is a fun time for the game and its nice to see the community and Rockstar coming together to organically create an in-game event. And with Rockstar giving away free alien suits, I don’t think this war will be ending anytime soon.  


  • This meme has actually made Freemode PvP fun.

    Sure you still get one or two sweaty tryhards using Oppressor MKII’s. But they will be usually kicked from the lobby pretty fast if most of the lobby is doing the alien thing.

    Had an insanely full lobby war on the beach the other day that was amazingly fun. just melee weapons and Up-N-Atomizer’s

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