Skyrim Grandma Is Taking A Break Because Of Internet Arseholes

Skyrim Grandma Is Taking A Break Because Of Internet Arseholes

Skyrim Grandma, aka Shirley Curry, is one of the most pure, honest and wholesome video game streamers around. It is absolutely heart-breaking to learn, then, that she’s had to make a new video specifically for the people who cannot stop upsetting her.

In a video posted earlier this month, but only gaining traction over the weekend (which is part of the problem we’ll get to in a minute), Curry explains that she’s tired of constantly being on the receiving end of comments that range from irritating to hurtful.

“I know I shouldn’t let these things stress me out, but they do” she says. “From now on I will respond to very, very few comments. I will be deleting a lot of comments.”

An important thing to note here is that she’s not going to be talking about openly abusive comments. Instead, it’s largely comments where some arsehole thinks they’re being helpful, but is instead, perhaps under the impression the world needs to hear what they have to say, contributing to a swarm of noise that can be everything from tiring to, in this case, genuinely upsetting.

A particular point of frustration for Curry is the type of comment where somebody is telling her she should be playing differently, or more optimally, while comments telling her she should be playing a different game are also getting on her nerves.

“I don’t have to be reminded and told all the time” which games to play, she says. “I look at all the games, I’m a gamer, if I wanted to play them I would be playing them”.

“I don’t have to explain myself”.

Curry is also sick of having to explain that she’s playing Skyrim to roleplay, not to speedrun or max levels, and that she just has “much more fun when im just playing by myself.”

Aside from the comments, though, another issue she’s confronting is that the nature of streaming has her stressed out. She has a ton of YouTube subscribers—829,000 at time of posting—yet most of her videos only get 5-8k views. Then among those who do watch, most are only sitting around for an average of five minutes, when the clips go for 30-50 minutes.

“I’m wasting my time, and it’s stressing me out” she says, upset that she’s telling stories through her roleplay that she feels nobody is watching or appreciating.

As a result of this, and in addition to a much stricter comment policy, she’s going to be stepping back from trying to post once a day (after she takes a two week break), and will doing things at a rate where she’ll be uploading “a lot less videos”.

“I’m trying to get my health under control, I’m not trying to be cranky.”


  • The problem with the internet is it gives everyone a voice whether we want to hear them or not. What once would have been an idle thought (like this one) becomes a comment cemented in black and white, visible to one and all and saved for all eternity. Or at least until the server shuts down. It is stressful, and a good rule of thumb before typing anything is to ask yourself, ‘Is this going to make a real positive difference?’. If it isn’t, walk away.

    • yeah. Well put. Kids now need training in how the interenet is not like real life. In some ways you need to be more polite here than in real life. Because when you say something bad in real life. It’s bad, but it’s not there for long, and its only coming from a single source. It’s not written down. Imagine if everything you said to everyone was in writing instead?! Imaging your girlfriend pouring through your conversations. Or the unpopular kid re-reading the terrible things people had said to him offhand through the whole year every night …

      People don’t understand that when they say something “off the cuff” that they might be part of a mob of 100 people. Saying the same thing. It amplifies the sentiment x100. Many times there is no context, or tone in your voice. So how it’s heard may be way worse than what you intended …

    • If only everyone did that, we’d literally never see anything typed from conservatives ever again. How amazing that would be.

    • So many people can’t really critically think or at least don’t try to, when it comes to their own opinions 🙁

  • sounds to me like the problem is mostly because of the sheer volume of comments, surely it’s not to hard to look and see that people have already made the comment and not pile on more.

    backseat gamer’s… possible the most annoying thing on planet earth and she seems to have stumbled across the nest that breeds them.

    edit: why is this comment awaiting moderation… god this website is terrible

    • It’s because you edited your comment, that trips up the thing. Or you get randomly set in the queue for a week when you do something that annoys someone or you say something bad about a product with a sponsored link.

      • Nope, it just always says awaiting moderation no matter what on new comments and I can’t remember it ever being different. Total trash, should just use Disqus like everyone else.

        • That might be the case for your comments because your comment history reads like that of a troll.

          I only get moderated if I edit a comment like the person above you said.

        • You get moderated because you make comments calling for conservatives to commit suicide or be eliminated.

          You get moderated because most of Kotaku thinks your an arsehole.

    • the website isn’t really built for actual interactions and feedback. for instance I’ve had comments removed before. I had to come back and post a comment asking why it had been removed because they have no direct messages to state them or when removed they can’t leave a message as to why on the removed comment.

      Doesn’t really help the mods. especially when people get frustrated…

  • Edit: My original comment is no longer relevant now that Shirley has debunked this and several similar articles.

    • I think you’ll find that many people in general struggle with anxiety and depression, and the only reason you’re only noticing a prevalence among Internet figures is because they’re the only ones you’re seeing talk about it. Based on your comment, I’d take a stab at suggesting that the people you know personally aren’t about to disclose something like this to you, as you so clearly seem ill equipped to understand it.

    • I won’t downvote you because my new year’s resolution this year was to never downvote people on Kotaku AU again, but I do want to say that, as a streamer with anxiety, I can promise you I’m not playing any kind of “victim card” or whatever, and neither is any other streamer.

      Streaming, even for a small-time streamer like me, can be super-stressful and anxiety inducing, and a lot of the time, we do it because we enjoy it, not because we want to be famous or anything.

  • Sounds a whole lot like the YouTube metric reports and possibly urgings towards optimal monetization have got to her, too, if they’re making her feel like producing videos is a waste of time because of how people choose to consume it. That sucks.

    • Holy shit, you’re insane. Are you actually burnside? The woman herself states the issues she’s having (lack of engagement, people not appreciating role play, people trying to optimise her build) and doesn’t mention conservatives or politics at all.
      Have some self awareness, dude.

  • how much of a goddamn loser do you have to be to get your jollies from harrassing someone’s nan for playing a game she enjoys.

    Mind you, Nanna needs get one of the grandkids to edit down her videos. Unless you’re doing some mind-blowing crazy sh*t that we haven’t seen before, nobody’s gonna sit through a video for more than half an hour of a game that’s almost a decade old.

  • On the subject of the proportion of her subscriber base watching her videos, it’d be a huge time commitment to watch every video when they come out daily and are 20-50 minutes long. So it is not surprising that many of the subscribers don’t.

    YouTube’s algorithm probably doesn’t help here. If you subscribe and are willing to watch one of her videos a week, it may conclude that you are not interested in most of her content and stop notifying about new releases completely.

    If you’re not making videos for the money, it’s probably best to ignore the view counts entirely and concentrate on what brings you enjoyment.

  • I seriously doubt most of the people commenting are intentionally trying to be arseholes.

    I think its more that she is from a different generation and not used to modern internet community behaviour.

    I think the best thing for her would be to disable comments.

    • My take from this is she is getting her knickers in a twist over people giving her tips and suggesting other games. Turning off comments would solve that issue.

      As for feeling like she is wasting her time, she should probably take a look at the thousands of other people who have been making videos for years that still only get 20 views and get a gripe on reality.

    • yep i think you nailed it. I think she’s just getting overwhelmed from the amount of comments – which sound like a lot of “maybe do this, maybe try this, why don’t you play this” etc. as opposed to the flat out negative responses.

      the harsh realities of a popular youtuber.
      hopefully she doesn’t let it get to her and affect her health.

  • The internet has gone too far.

    I think if she hired a moderator for the comments (maybe recruited a grandkid or two) it would go a long way.
    As for engagement, that’s a harder problem to solve…

    • Im sure she has grandkids that have a lot more knowledge of the youtube ecosystem than her. Might be a good idea for her to get some help running the channel.

  • so turns out Reddit busted this one and it’s got nothing to do with being harassed but she’s simply cutting back because of health reasons

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