Spider-Man, Please Put Me Down

Screenshot: Twitter

This week on Snapshots we have cool looking cars, gorgeous nighttime skies, creepy skeletons, far away fighting and Spider-Man continues to be a menace. Three weeks in a row.

Horizon: Zero Dawn (Screenshot: @theblueB4ndit, Twitter)
Infamous: Second Son (Screenshot: @fabianhazuki, Twitter)
Spider-Man (PS4) (Screenshot: Matthew Weatherston, Email)
No Man’s Sky (Screenshot: @poachiiN, Twitter)
Everspace (Screenshot: @TheFourthFocus, Twitter)
GT Sport (Screenshot: @lorsteibel, Twitter)
Death Stranding (Screenshot: @JimdiGriz1, Twitter)
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Screenshot: @DarkLinkN7, Twitter)
Shadow Of The Tomb Raider (Screenshot: @Emilli96, Twitter)
Spider-Man (PS4) (Screenshot: @relient_Eggs, Twitter)

This weekly feature wasn’t supposed to be a showcase of Spider-Man being a dick to people, but here we are.

Kotaku Snapshots is a weekly look at some of the best, funniest and coolest screenshots players have taken in their favourite games.

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