Super Mario 64 Has Been "Ported" To The PC

Last year, Super Mario 64's N64 code was reverse-engineered by fans, allowing for all kinds of new and exciting things to be done with Nintendo’s 1996 classic. Like building a completely new PC port of the game, which can run in 4K and ultra-wide resolutions.

This is a very new and cool thing! Previously, if you were playing Super Mario 64 on PC, you were playing via emulation, as your PC ran code pretending to be an N64. This game is made specifically for the PC, built from the ground up, meaning it not only runs like a dream, but even supports mod stuff like ReShade, allowing for graphical tweaks (like the distance blur seen here).

If you thought Mario 64 modding was cool before, wait until you see what people can do in the coming months with a dedicated PC version of the game to play with.



    Cut to Nintendo legal action in 3... 2... 1...

    That's pretty cool.

    Download link isn't too hard to find with the right google-fu

    And because kotaku has reported on it, It will now be DMCA'ed to oblivion.

    Thanks kotaku

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