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    Good morning TAYbies.

    I spent the weekend alternately hitting things with a steel sword and a silver sword. Have opened up Skellige but there's still much to do in Velen. Am going with main story as I hit level, mostly.

    Very much enjoying the writing and setting.

      I've been mostly hitting things with a flimsy axe.

    Anyone getting the CovidSafe app?
    I’m torn because it’s a good idea but the government has an absolutely terrible record when it comes to personal data and none of the safeguards they’ve put in place have ever stopped them before.

      I tried looking at it by their own track record. That made me decide against it. I don't trust them enough. Especially from a government that wants to have encryption back doors.

        To be fair they only want back doors on other people's stuff. Any back doors into government apps will be entirely unintentional. =P

        Personally I'm pretty torn. It's a good idea in theory and I'm already keeping a soft interaction log so really it's just a more efficient version of that, but this is the sort of thing that has to be done with so much caution and oversight. I imagine there's already a lot of people out there waiting for that one case that justifies them gaining access to the information for non-COVID-19 purposes.

        I'd feel a lot more comfortable if it was a totally anonymous purpose built device but even as a pure software solution getting something 'safe' out in time for it to make a difference is unlikely.

          I guess it's also important to note that case tracking has proved to be a very powerful tool so I'm definitely not against this sort of thing being worked on in case of future pandemics. As serious as this is, if something even more serious comes along being able to opt-in on something like this day one of a pandemic could save countless lives. Definitely a tool that needs to exist ahead of time.

          It's a weird world we live in. We're stuck weighing up the potential malice, incompetence, lack of empathy and general dickery that we know the government is capable of against the value of a life saving device.

            I really don't have an issue with it on paper even if our government has a less then stellar record, the app that S Korea uses was far more invasive (and mandatory).

            that said I don't see what the rush is tbh. it's not like once we hit the magical 40% uptake mark all our travel restrictions and lock downs will be over. I'd probably give it several weeks to a month before I bother... especially if the government really releases the source code

      At face value the privacy policy sounds reasonable. I might consider it in a week or two when there’s been a chance for people to attempt to poke holes in it, because you can be sure people will try.

      I'm also on the fence about it. Our government isn't great with tech.

      Downloaded and installed.

      Most of the information is stored locally, it's just a tool to notify you in the event that someone else you share the same space with at some stage later turns out to have the virus.

      And in any case, it's hard to see how the information being collected could actually be exploited in any kind of meaningful way. It's not like it's tracking credit card transactions, recording your birthdate, rooting your phone or even collecting your real name (you are explicitly told that you can use a pseudonym).

      And frankly, the sooner we are all out of this the better, and the more people who have the app the sooner we can shut this whole thing down and get back to our lives. Yeah, hell yeah I've installed it.

      And if you're like 99% of the population and download without a second thought any random app from the app store that takes your fancy then you shouldn't have a problem either. If you've already removed half the protections on your phone by rooting it then you’d also be more than a little bit hypocritical to hesitate.

      On the other hand, if you are someone who keeps your phone studiously clean from anything non-stock, well, I can respect that.

      In principle, yes.

      In practice, waiting a week for the following reasons:

      1) I'm not leaving the house much, and if I am it's to cycle a 15km loop, not to be anywhere anyone else is.

      2) Infosec friends are tearing it down, and looking for holes. Nothing worrisome yet, relatively, but a few days will tell the tale.

      3) First versions are always buggy, the iOS version isn't well optimised. Give it a few days for issues to emerge and get patched.

      After that, I'll be happy to install it.

      I'm waiting for a full source code release and privacy audit before I think about installing it. Honestly though I don't see the need for such an app when Apple and Google are both working on their own tracking solutions that will work better (especially Apple's, which will function without needing the app to be running in the foreground).

      It doesn't help that the Australian government has an abysmal record on digital privacy, meaning that I try and minimise the amount of of government apps on my phone at the best of times.

      I haven't yet but a lot of my paranoid nerd friends are saying it isn't actually too bad from a privacy perspective and it's fine.
      There are a lot of other issues with the app though from a feature / bug perspective.

      Heh, I work for the Government, and I still won't. The track record with data is terrible, and the iOS app doesn't even work, thus reducing its effectiveness in half. Big nope from me.

    I've been playing Trials of Mana (the Secret of Mana 2 / Seiken Densetsu 3 remake) for PS4. It's not mind blowingly awesome, so it won't win Game of the Year 2020, but I am enjoying it. Honestly, it's how the 2018 remake of Secret of Mana should have been handled... that remake was a huge disappointment, especially since the original 1993 Super Nintendo game is one of my all-time favourite games.

    I've "finished" Trials of Mana but to my surprise, it turns out after the credits have rolled... there's a little bit more to the story? So I'm hoping to polish this one off tonight, before returning to Persona 5 Royal.

    I've played and finished a fair few games this year. Here's what I've done:

    - The Witcher III: Wild Hunt and Hearts of Stone, PC
    - Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition for Windows (including all DLC packs), PC
    - Resident Evil 3 remake, PS4
    - Final Fantasy VII remake, PS4
    - Trials of Mana (sort of, mostly), PS4

    Good morning!

    I am currently stuck at my desk finishing an assignment for my masters - totally regretting the decision to study again.

    What I want to be doing is getting back into Animal Crossing, finishing BoTW (got about halfway through then never went back to it), and maybe even fitting in some Witcher 3.

    If anyone has any suggestions for fairly easy two-player games for the Xbox please let me know. I have been trying to get my girlfriend into gaming for a while now, with some success with Harry Potter lego (she's a massive HP fan) and Unraveled 2. Just watched a trailer for Moving Out which looks like a whole heap of fun.

    Any suggestions are welcome.

      Moving Out's very chill and lots of laughs. No frustration like you'd get with Overcooked, either, so I'd recommend it.

    I'm enjoying this animal crossing a lot more than the others, but I really wish tools didn't break so quickly

      Break a ton of flimsy axes though and you get the golden axe recipe at least :)

        I've murdered so many fishing rods

        Yeah but then you start breaking golden tools. I was so excited for my golden slingshot but the second it broke I was straight back to hoarding gold.

    From Gizmodo:
    The current Oculus Quest is the same size as the other Oculus headsets and weighs about 560 kilograms.

    Imagine the processing power a half-ton headset would have!

    In all seriousness though, I'd buy a Quest tomorrow if it was a bit lighter and had a more current processor in it to get a bit more of a graphics improvement. Making a single headset that can be tethered or standalone or wireless back to the PC makes sense.

    I still wish FB hadn't bought Oculus though, I struggle to do anything that supports the Zuck empire.

      Just listened Tulsi Gabbard on the Joe Rogan podcast, she was advocating for splitting up the tech conglomerates like Facebook so they can't monopolize everything

      Surprise surprise after she said this her page was shutdown with no explanation as to why it what policy she violated, still no explanation and this was like 8 months ago.

    I've been watching a lot of anime lately, so I might do some small reviews.

    Found on Anime Lab.
    Status: Simulcasting

    A young man named Echo lives in a world without music. One day at work, while stirring through trash, he discovers a girl. She has an output jack on her hip meaning she's a player. These players are special because they can produce music while also piloting a mech called equipment.
    This encounter sets them both on a journey of discovery.

    Don't go into listeners expecting FLCL or epic mech battles. One of the greatest characters is the world itself. Also, try to give listeners at least two episodes as the first one is all world building as can seem fairly generic.
    Trying to spot all the music references and Stuff is fun too!

    Similar anime : honestly, it's pretty original. I don't think it's much like anything else

    Last edited 15/05/20 8:46 am

    Bofuri. I don't want to get hurt so I'll Max out my defense!
    Found on Anime Lab
    Status: Season one finished, season two announced

    Kaede Konjo tries out the newest DiveVR MMORPG at the insistence of her gamer loving friend. Not wanting to get hurt she chooses the great shield class and puts all her points in vitality.
    How can she play the game when she can barely move due to Min maxing?!

    Bofuri is a bunch of wholesome. It's always interesting to see how Maple (kaede's in game character) deals with the challenges she's facing. You can't help but want her to overcome her ordeals and though you know she ultimately will, it's always interesting to see how it happens.
    Bofuri is a very easy watch with every character generally being quite likeable.

    Similar anime: that time I got reincarnated as a slime, My life as a villianess:All routes lead to doom!

    Last edited 15/05/20 8:47 am

    Princess Connect Re:Dive!
    Found on Crunchyroll
    Status: Simulcasting

    A young man with amnesia is awoken by a young elf girl Kokkoro. She's there to be his guide in this world. They meet up with the Miss starving peckish Pecorine, a powerful sword user who only thinks about her stomach. There is a secret to the world, one where the truth is a lie and a lie is a truth.

    Princess connect is based on a mobile game, but don't let that dissuade you. It's light and fluffy with a bunch of incredibly stupid humor. the Main Character, Yuuki, is the amnesiac that is closer to a child. A lot of the dumb humour comes from him or Pecorine's airheadedness. The anime changes from saving the world, to focusing on food. However, it looks as though under all the silliness, something awful is brewing.

    Similar anime: Konosuba, Cautious Hero: This hero is overly cautious!, Steven Universe(without singing)

    Last edited 15/05/20 8:47 am

    My life as a villainess: All routes lead to doom!
    Found on Crunchyroll
    Status: Simulcasting

    After taking a tumble and hitting her head, Catarina discovers that she has memories of her past life. In her previous life she was an Otome tragic, one of her favourite games being Fortune Quest. She also recalls the villain of the game; Catarina! The same one she is now! In each of the questlines, Catarina is either killed or exiled, and so begins the quest to avoid the doom flags and live beyond the age of 17!

    On the surface, this is a reverse Harem. Underneath, it's still a reverse Harem. Catalina is oblivious to how people feel about her which is a Harem trope. It's a very silly anime with the main character forgetting to think before she acts. It's an easy and enjoyable watch. It's also rather wholesome. I don't think there will be any hidden gut punches.

    Similar anime: Ascendance of a bookworm, Bofuri, That time I got reincarnated as a slime

    Last edited 15/05/20 8:48 am

      I see you've been on a similar isekai binge to my friends and I :)
      Another interesting Crunchyroll simulcast is The 8th son? Are you kidding me?

      Did you check out Wise Man's Grandchild back when it came out? - that and the first season of DanMachi (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) are some of my comfort anime to rewatch from time to time.

        I'm currently watching the 8th son, but I am very tempted to drop it as the pacing seems off. It's a huge pity cause I very much enjoyed the first three episodes and the fifth.

          It's definitely a slightly awkward one since it seems to be trying to deal more with politicking than fight scenes (and also risks getting a bit haremy), but this is where I think simulcasts can sometimes be better than a full series binge - pacing is less serious an issue if it's one episode out of four if you watch all your weekly simulcasts together like a classic Saturday morning cartoon show.

          The isekai that really bugged me pacing-wise was Arifureta - From Commonplace to World's Strongest - and apparently that was missing a lot of stuff from the manga!

            For me it's more that he started off a poor noble, but by episode 4 he had a mansion, money and a title. I will probably continue to watch it, but it's definitely one of the much weaker ones. I plan to write a review on it later

      Oh gawd Bakarina is a bloody awesome series :D

      Also I would say full harem with Bakarina since reverse implies well...reverse of the usual trope harem 1 guy many girls to 1 girl many guys... Bakarina is so adorable everyone wants to be with her EVERYONE!

        It starts off a reverse Harem. It then devolves into a full harem =P

        I'm so glad her character changed after the fall. I hated the first one.
        I do love
        That she starts off trying to avoid the flags, but she accidentally keeps stealing the boys limelight. Maria is very much struggling to resist!

    Found on AnimeLab
    Status: Simulcasting

    The people of land of Alcia are controlled by a count. If that count reaches Zero, you get pulled into the abyss. Hina witnessed this happen to her mother, but as she's being pulled in, she hands her an object telling her to give it to the legendary aces. Hina has journeyed for years since then, finally arriving in the town where the Ace is rumoured to have been.

    The humour is stupid. Let's just get that right of the bat. One of the characters is a complete perv, but you can't help but like him. The actual series takes a while to get going. The first quarter of the anime is slightly frivolous with a few hard hitting things, but it really changes around episode 9-10. It sucker punches you. Hard.

    Similar anime: Konosuba (for the first 9 episodes), Shield hero. The Saga of Tanya the Evil.

    Last edited 15/05/20 8:48 am

    President! It's time for battle!
    Found on AnimeLab
    Status: Simulcasting

    In the world of gatepedia, companies enter dungeons in order to obtain Rare earth. Rare earth is an energy source gatepedia runs on and is worth a lot of money.
    Minatou is persuaded by his childhood friend friend Fitoria, to take over the Kibou company which was originally run by his father, who mysteriously went missing!

    President, it's time for battle is an anime based on a stradegy mobile game. Do not let this put you off. Kibou company is certainly the underdog company of Gatepedia. It has a NEET for a president, it's nearing bankruptcy and there is a lot of competition for dungeons.
    I think of it as a competent konosuba but with business themes. It's fairly light hearted with an intriguing mystery occurring. The characters are fairly likeable and you can't help but want them to succeed.

    Similar anime: konosuba, Princess connect Re Dive

    Last edited 15/05/20 8:49 am

    The Tower of God manga is really good, y'all.

    Also, I want to get back into Hunter x Hunter but I'm like hundreds of chapters behind and that's a little daunting.

      Tower of god is a webtoon. You need to weeb right =P

      Demon slayer is very close to the end if you want something that will end.

        Webtoon, manga, it's a comic I read on my phone/browser :p

        At least with HxH I know the characters and backstories. I don't know if I'm ready to invest from scratch again.

          Demon slayer you could watch the 24 episode anime and then catch up on the rest on manga. It's only 204 chapters, shorter than monthly releases as it's a weekly Shounen Jump one

            I saw it come up on my Animelab recommendations, funnily enough! So I might give that a look.

              It takes a while to get going. But by episode 9 you'll probably be heaps invested. If you're willing to wait, the next arc will be in a movie. UFO table have done a great job translating the manga to anime. I often have no idea what's happening in fight scenes in the manga, but the anime is a work of art.

          Watch it @alexwalker soon youll have the hardcore weeb on you with pitchforks and fire once you start mixing up them manga ith manhua and manwha! =P

    If you're wondering why I am reviewing these separately, it's so people can discuss the anime in it's own chain =D

    The 8th son? Are you kidding me?!
    Found on Crunchyroll
    Status: Simulcasting

    Ichinomiya Shingo is an everyday office worker in Japan. He sits down to his pork cutlet and while waiting for the rice to cook, closes his eyes. When he opens them, he finds out that he's now the 5 year old Wendellin Baumeister, the 8th son of an impoverished noble family!

    The 8th son starts off strong. We find out that no one will inherit anything, except the first son. Well (wendellin), must also tread carefully as he doesn't want to cause a succession issue. This gets resolved by the 4th episode. Considering the big issue made of it, I was expecting it to be more of an issue.
    The pacing is a bit weird with the anime often ignoring fights. It just skips them or shows the backlines. I'm not sure if this is a funding issue, but it just seems strange. It's the opposite of Show, don't tell.
    Things just seems to fall into Well's lap, and he has a few teammates, but we barely see them interact.
    Sorry, I know this review is a bit harsh, but I went in expecting something similar to an epic struggle. I was disappointed. If you're looking for something easy to watch and not too serious. It's pretty good. Also, I enjoy that Well says that being a Noble is a massive pain. I can't help but think Ascendance did it better.

    Similar anime: Ascendance of a bookworm.

    Last edited 15/05/20 8:49 am

      Hachinante is a pretty average Isekai most of the time ie. Op hero power trip. IIRC some of the intrigue with the family gets brought up again once the mc becomes established but the animes super fast pacing/skipping is reminding me of arifureta where the story and pacing is sacrificed a bit to fit in the 13 episode season..

      Also reminds me of Maou-sama retry.... a decent isekai that was looked over because the budget for the animation was terrible

        I considered reading the light novel instead. I think I just wanted it to a bit more like Shield hero and Ascendance and it wasn't

    Found on AnimeLab
    Status: Simulcasting

    Kagaya Shuuichi can turn into a giant furry mascot dog. He doesn't know how it happened, only that it did. He uses this power to save a beautiful girl, who finds out his secret. In exchange for helping her, she decides to use him for her own agenda.

    Let me just say I only watched two episodes. This anime is dripping in sex. It's in your face, everything is a euphemism. I, personally, can deal with some of it, but I struggled to get through this.
    This anime comes across as edgy. Super edgy. It just wasn't my thing, which is a pity because there was an intriguing mystery hidden underneath all that horny. It is very obviously aimed at teenage boys.

    Similar anime: Gantz. Goblin Slayer.

    Took a break over the weekend. Will probably do Kaguya sama and Bungo and Alchemist next.


    Could be an interesting write up, Bethesda does it again, pissing away more gamer goodwill.

    Turns out with the latest Doom Eternal PC patch, they force users to install Denuvo Anti-cheat which is a kernel level driver and force even singleplayer gamers to use it.

    It's similar to Valorant's system but isn't always on but it is susceptible to the same issues especially if its a half-arsed driver which led to some Valorant users being soft-bricked from their system when the anti-cheat disabled keyboard and mouse drivers.

      Yeah I was looking at that over the weekend. I might not get time to dig into it further today (losing a ton of the day to new site testing), but it's on my radar!

    Bungo and Alchemist
    found on AnimeLab
    Status: simulcasting

    A mysterious force called the taint is threatening to remove all literature from Earth. Only Delvers, a representation of an author feelings at the time the book was created, can stop it. An interesting look into classical literature and what makes it great.

    Bungo and Alchemist would be a fairly generic anime if not for the interesting premise. luckily it's not a book an episode type thing either. Rather you get some history on the authors as they interact and attempt to destroy the taint. Often the authors will share thoughts on what the books meant to them and that authors style of writing. There is some action, but it's a lot less interesting then the actual book discussion.

    Similar anime: Nothing really springs to mind, but it's probably a fairly niche anime that may only appeal to certain people. (kinda like Shogi based animes and stuff like that)

    So what does everyone think about the loss of yet another video game retailer in this country?

      Eh? Which retailer?

        Target; half the stores to close and the other half to be re-branded as Kmart

          Ooohhh.. i havent considered Target as a "video game retailer" in years. I mean most Targets have continually been downsizing the electronics floor space like KMart before their overhaul.

          Its a smart move to be honest. Target just hasnt been up to scratch compared to Big W. They've focused so much on clothes since the cheap everyday niche has been given to Kmart that the variety in their floorspace kept shrinking.

    Well bloody hell.... my device just warned me im about to hit my 10gig alert... i was like how the hell am i about to hit 10gigs on this device? (For clarification this device is only used for browsing and mobage no heavy use like streaming)

    Checked my usage and over 95% of data was my browser... how... and then it hits me.. all the damned bloody auto playing videos on Kotaku. Thanks kotaku... now does anybody know of a browser on android that can block them? Because for sme reason Chrome on mobile doesnt havead-ons =/

      @AlexWalker ?

      Last edited 26/05/20 11:16 am

        Is this a mobile device? The video player doesn't autoplay on phones.

          Im using a tablet and it unfortunately auto plays on that =/

    Weren't we supposed to get the full (official) details on Foxtel Binge sometime today? Expecting it to be a rip-off in some form or another but still curious...

      I think the full details were last week, but today was the launch.

        Yeah I meant Friday. For some reason I thought the price and things were being announced then, ended up being Saturday.

    Did anyone else read the story about PETA protesting animal crossings museums, suprised that nothing appeared here.

      well that's 10 seconds of my life i'm never getting back

    This is probably related to the change happening to gizmodo, but at the bottom of articles, the gizmodo section doesn't look like it is updating anymore.

    And on that note, might take some getting used to that scrolling to the end of a gizmodo article automatically loads another article instead of showing comments and links to other articles. I prefer the old way, but times are always a changin

      That's a real good spot, thanks! I'll flag it with the devs.

    I panic'd with the discounted 12 month PSN.... my PSN doesn't expire until 2024 now.

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