The Art Of Odd Gods

There’s some cool RPGs being made in Australia. We’ve spoken before about Broken Roads, but it’s not alone. Odd Gods is another tactical RPG out of Melbourne, but this one has a very different hook.

Odd Gods is all about the ’90s, while playing in the ’90s. Instead of rolling a mage or a paladin, your “subcultures” are things like skaters, skapunks, ravers, goths and jocks. And instead of turns going in order, Odd Gods is using a simultaneous system similar to Frozen Synapse, where all moves are executed concurrently.

Developers Inn Between Worlds have given us a string of art to show from the game. There’s a look at the various subcultures, environments and backgrounds, as well as some of the game from the isometric viewpoint.

Odd Gods is currently without a publisher, although the game has received support from Film Victoria. The game did the rounds at PAX Australia a few years ago as well,

You can find out more about Odd Gods through the official website, or the official Twitter account.

[referenced url=”” thumb=”×231.jpg” title=”What’s Happening With That Philosophical, Post-Apocalyptic Aussie RPG” excerpt=”Every now and again, PAX Australia throws up a neat surprise. Last year’s indie out of nowhere was Broken Roads, a traditional cRPG set in the outback with echoes of Wasteland and Mad Max. The game is still in the early stages of development, but with the creative lead from Torment: Tides of Numenera joining the project, I touched base with Broken Roads’ game director to find out where the Aussie RPG was headed.”]

Do you have more art to show off, or is there a particular game who’s art you’d like to see more of? Get in touch!

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