The Epic Games Store Is Giving Away Civilization VI For Free On PC Until May 28

The Epic Games Store Is Giving Away Civilization VI For Free On PC Until May 28
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After offering Grand Theft Auto V to PC gamers for absolutely nothing last week, the Epic Games Store is now giving away Civilization VI for free on PC until May 28. If you download it now, it’s yours to keep forever.

This article has been sponsored by the Epic Games Store.

“The trouble with reviewing a Civilization game is that they’re always good,” Kotaku’s Luke Plunkett said in his review of Civilization VI, praising Firaxis‘s latest entry in the decades-long 4X franchise for its beautiful visuals and greater degrees of freedom compared to its predecessors.

Building on the rock-solid base of previous titles, Civilization VI maintains and refines the classic Civ formula, adding a few new gameplay systems. In a nutshell, these involve a new Districts feature which takes important city buildings out of your settlement walls and into the world map, giving them bonus abilities while also making them vulnerable to enemies.

The tech tree is now split into two, with one for standard tech research and another for the research of ideas called Civics. The government and ideology system has also been overhauled, giving you a new perk-based approach called Policies which can be swapped out based on your needs at any one time.

In February 2017, Australia was officially added to the franchise for the first time. The DLC allowed players to embody John Curtin, Australia’s 14th Prime Minister. Australia had only appeared in the Civilization franchise as a fan creation, with Sir Henry Parkes the anointed leader and Russell Crowe appearing as a specialist spy unit.

The game also received two expansions: 2018’s Rise and Fall and 2019’s Gathering Storm. Rise and Fall introduced governors into the series for the first time, letting the player choose specialists that could buff the diplomatic, military, religious or productivity of an individual settlement. Gathering Storm was a radical transformation in gameplay, forcing players to deal with the constant effects of climate change and natural disasters as they wreaked havoc with the player’s settlements, armies and improvements.

If you’re keen to give Civilization VI a whirl for yourself, be sure to log into the Epic Games Store before May 28 to claim your copy free on PC. Once it’s in your library, it’s yours to keep forever.


  • This article has been sponsored by the Epic Games Store.
    interesting. i wonder why they bothered since kotaku would have covered this regardless. maybe in less detail, but the headline is all they need since half the “articles” on kotaku are headlines followed by a single sentence anyway.

  • Except the multiplayer on Epic is completely broken. Doesn’t work for a lot of people, myself included.

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