Sea Power Is The Quintessential MicroProse Game


    The New Microprose May Have Little In Common With The Old Studio Aside From The Name, But As It Trie...


    @alexwalker I think the headline generator is broken? Just using the first 80-something characters of the article's first sentence?

    Publishers Read-Only Memory Have Released This Print Called Japansoft Hardware History, To Accompany...
    This one, too.

      Yeah, so you're right in where the headline is being generated from. On the US site, this is what we'd call a 'blip', which is basically a short update that's not really a full story. It doesn't have a headline of its own, so when they get ingested over here, they'll look a bit weird. Usually Leah and I will clean this up so it doesn't come through, but sometimes we might be on break or whatever, and one or two will slip through the cracks until we fix it up.

      Our site doesn't really have the functionality to publish blips in the way the US does (or even the UK site), because it's coded differently. And we're about two weeks out from launching the new redesign, so this is just one of those bugs that just hangs around because we just have to fix it up manually, which takes a few seconds.

        Looking forward to that launch, if only for commenting/moderation improvements. :)

          Sadly, that stuff won't be at launch. I'm hoping the user experience will be a bit nicer (and cleaner) but there's nothing specific on that front just yet.

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