This Is What Xbox Series X Graphics Look Like

This Is What Xbox Series X Graphics Look Like

Here’s what Playism’s Bright Memory: Infinite looks like running on the Xbox Series X. Not too shabby.

The first game shown during Microsoft’s Xbox Series X gameplay reveal event was this first-person shooter from developer FYQD-Studio. Note that the official stream version carried a disclaimer that the game and console are still in development and this clip is indicative of what the Xbox Series X gameplay will look like. What do you think?


  • Gameplay kinda looked like a slow and clunky titanfall tbh.

    Still i will say im intrigued by the part where they switched to a sword fighting knight like enemies. Is it time travel? Will there be more random sections of enemies from across time?
    The totally not a delorean makes me think so.

  • I know that footage has been scant but I’m yet to see any ‘next gen’ footage that really impressed me.
    Maybe we are just reaching levels of graphical fidelity that won’t show huge differences between generations now.
    The jump between say, ps2 and xbox360 was gigantic. I don’t think we will see this kind of thing again until photo realism is a thing.

  • Personally none of the shown footage has impressed me, but I think people are overreacting a little because we’ve probably reached the end of what a 1080p stream or YouTube video can actually show us as far as graphics are concerned and people are comparing late generation current gen titles to next gen launch titles.

    Once devs really start to push the new hardware games will start to look a lot better, and oviously that won’t happen as much at the beginning, and what changes there are will be less noticeable in footage online.

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