This Red Dead Redemption II Mod Lets You Ride A Giant Cougar

This Red Dead Redemption II Mod Lets You Ride A Giant Cougar
Screenshot: Rockstar Games, <a href="">JulioNB</a>

Strike fear in the hearts of your enemies in Red Dead Redemption II when you ride up on ‘em mounted on the back of a giant cougar.

Horses are great. They are extremely useful and reliable. But they are also so boring. However, folks don’t want to walk around everywhere either. So why not ride a giant boar or even better, a giant cougar. Well, this is now possible thanks to a Red Dead Redemption II PC mod called “Pig Rider.” You can also ride giant dogs, too.

ImageJulioNB” loading=”lazy” > Screenshot: Rockstar Games, JulioNB

As spotted by PC Gamer, this mod from JulioNB will let players climb up on a few different, giant animals and ride around the world of RDRII, confusing local townsfolk in the process.

The mod isn’t currently available to download for free. To ride a big cat, you’ll need to be Patreon supporter of JulioNB at the $US5 ($8) level. That’s because the mod is currently in a prerelease form, so it will eventually be released for everyone at a later date. Until then, for a few bucks, you can ride the open plains He-Man style, on the back of a giant feline.


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