This Week In Games: Shark RPG Time

This Week In Games: Shark RPG Time
Image: Maneater
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If you’ve always wanted to live out your JAWS: The Video Game fantasy, you’re going to enjoy what’s in store this week.

Maneater drops this week, both on consoles and PC (via the Epic Game Store). It’s been a while since I checked out Maneater, but its brand of underwater GTA had lots of fun moments.

Maneater Is Still Good Fun

Out of all the games this year, Maneater has been close to the top of my list. It just sounds like a winner: you play a shark, looking for revenge on a bounty hunter who killed your shark mother and taking out your anger on humans along the way. Unsurprisingly, flying through the air and snatching an unsuspecting tourist's arm is pretty entertaining.

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There’s also the remasters of Saints Row 3 and Wonderful 101 to look forward to. It’s a banging week for indies, too. There’s Skid Cities for those who want city builders with a touch of cyberpunk, Umurangi Generation looks super neat, and Moonfall looks like a gorgeous tactical roguelike.

Here’s the leaderboard for the week:

  • Maneater | PC (Epic), Xbox, PS4
  • The Persistence | Xbox, Switch
  • Golf With Your Friends | PS4, Xbox, Switch
  • Saints Row: The Third Remastered | PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch
  • Monstrum | Xbox, Switch
  • Umurangi Generation | PC
  • Moonfall | PC
  • SokoBunny | Xbox
  • What The Golf? | Switch
  • Zenge | Switch
  • Cannibal Cuisine | Switch
  • Fluxteria | Switch
  • Steel Rain | Switch
  • Monster Prom XXL | Switch
  • Wonderful 101: Remastered | Switch
  • Skelly Selest & Straimium Immortaly | Switch
  • Skid Cities | PC

Onto the trailers! I’ve talked up the indies, so let’s start with those. (I’d show you Skid Cities, but I can’t find an official trailer, so just hit up the Steam page if that takes your fancy.)

Great mix of games this week. Maneater and Saints Row 3 are obviously gonna be fun to check out, but I’m super intrigued by Umurangi Generation and Moonfall as well.

See anything you like this week?


  • Maneater – though that was coming to the switch?

    Looks like later. Funnily, EB Games is selling pre orders for the “Day One Edition”.

  • I want to get the Saints Row remastered game I really do… but that price. Oof. I already own it, it’s exy at that. Maybe if it were 39.95 max, but after I’ve already done it all, it just feels a bit overpriced? Maybe I’m just a tightarse…

      • I just can’t justify it…

        Yet I totally want Tony Hawk remake lol. Don’t care about the price. Go figure 😉 I WANT TO RECAPTURE MY YOUTH. lol.

        But that shark game looks kinda neat 🙂

    • Worse, it looks like they got JJ Abrams as the creative director for lighting. It’s horrendously overdone.

      • Yeah I noticed that. The lighting really, really looks overblown. I’m kinda wanting to know if this is actually a total redo, or if someones just dropped in a couple of HD textures, some nicer lighting and sampling etc? I’ll probably just wait til it hits 15-20 bucks on CDKeys in a few months tbh.

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