Tiny Anime Reinhardt Is The Overwatch Toy I’ve Been Waiting For

Tiny Anime Reinhardt Is The Overwatch Toy I’ve Been Waiting For
Mini but so mighty. (Photo: Good Smile Company)

Since the folks at Japanese toymaker Good Smile Company started making big-headed anime figures of Overwatch characters, I’ve been patiently waiting for my spirit hero to make his small but impactful appearance. And here he is, a giant among Nendoroids, Reinhardt. I love him.

Available now for preorder from the Blizzard Gear Store, Reinhardt is a bit more expensive than normal-sized Nendoroids, but he’s also quite a bit bigger. While the average $80 Nendoroid stands around four inches tall, the $110 Reinhardt is closer to seven inches, as he should be. Pricy? Perhaps, but a lot cheaper than the $170 Soldier 76 Figma figure also up for preorder today.

What does this beefy boy come with, aside from a great deal of articulation, awesome armour, and a big-arse hammer?

ImageIt is defended. (Photo: Good Smile Company)

How about a fancy-shmancy shield, perfect from protecting other Overwatch action figures from harm?

ImageCHARGE! (Photo: Good Smile Company)

How about a special effect that could either be Charge or Fire Strike, depending on how Reinhardt is posed? Sure, that’s cool, but you know what would be cooler? A frosty mug of beer.

ImageJust kidding, you know that beer is warm. (Photo: Good Smile Company)

That’s right, the additional head included with Reinhardt means we’ll never forget that he represents giant bearded old men everywhere. He is our last hope, probably.

Nendoroid Reinhardt will be shipping sometime before the end of the year.


  • the only thing less cancerous than overwatch itself is these figures. im not one to buy figurines, but they look decidedly less cancerous.

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