Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Will Be An Epic Games Exclusive

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Will Be An Epic Games Exclusive

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater is finally being remastered. But if you’re looking to play the game on PC, you’ll have to pick up the game through the Epic Store, as per Activision’s release this morning.

The exclusivity is interesting, primarily because the game is being wholly developed within Activision (Vicarious Visions, the actual developer of the port, was bought out by Activision in 2005). Thanks to Blizzard’s library of games, Activision already has its own digital marketplace with the client. But Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater won’t be sold through there: all pre-order links on the THPS website go straight to the Epic Games Store listing, and the official Australian release only lists the Epic Store.

Publisher: Activision Publishing, Inc.
Lead Developer: Vicarious Visions
Platforms: PlayStation® 4, PlayStation® 4 Pro, the family of Xbox One devices from Microsoft, including the Xbox One X, and on PC through the Epic platform.
Release Date: 4 September, 2020
MSRP: $69.95 AUD (base game)
$84.95 AUD (digital deluxe edition). Includes unique retro content and gear.
$169.95 AUD (Collector’s edition). Includes a limited-run Birdhouse deck.

There’s no mention of the Tony Hawk remaster on the page at all, nor in the page’s source code, and the third party tracker hasn’t detected any Tony Hawk additions to Valve’s platform over the last week.

It’s an interesting move on Activision’s part, even if you consider the better revenue share they’re receiving over releasing THPS 1 + 2 on something like, say, Steam. The Epic Store exclusivity has caused a ton of controversy in the last year, but it hasn’t hurt the financial success of the games one iota.

Metro Exodus sold two and a half times more over its launch window compared to Metro: Last Light, even though Epic’s store was only months old at that point compared to the almost two decades of maturity for Steam. World War Z sold 320,000 copies through the Epic store in its first week of launch, around a third of the million-plus sales it sold across all platforms. Epic’s exclusivity for Borderlands 3 didn’t hurt either, with Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford saying that the “launch day peak concurrent players” for BL3 was twice as high as the all-time peak for Borderlands 2 on PC:

From a publisher’s perspective, it’s pretty clear that Epic has a more attractive offer than most are led to believe. The 88/12 revenue share obviously isn’t as lucrative as the ability for Activision to publish through, but the calculus is clearly that THPS will perform well regardless. It’s one of those few games that draws people in, no matter where it’s published. Just take a look at the level of interest in the trailer compared to other games on the PlayStation YouTube channel:

tony hawk pro skater epic exclusive

And the contrast is even more stark on the official Xbox YouTube channel, where THPS has more than 10 times the views of any game in the last week, and only 100k fewer views than the Xbox Series X “first look game footage” trailer from last week.

tony hawk pro skater epic exclusive

People are keen for Tony Hawk, wherever he appears. Even if they don’t know its him at first.


  • Eh, this will be a game I either pick up on console, or wait a month and it’ll be on Steam (Valve’s new policy regarding exclusives being able to be released on Steam means a month if it does come).

    As for Metro & Borderlands, you would think that a decade in between and growth of the PC Market five fold would see better sales. But they definitely did lose sales.

  • The fact that it’s not turning up on is what’s most interesting to me. Why wouldn’t they put it there? Is Blizzard (and possibly by extension, in the doghouse?

    • The last few Tony Hawk games haven’t exactly reviewed or sold well. While this is a remaster of a popular game, perhaps they are afraid of poisoning their own marketplace?

        • That game was pushed out as an update to an existing game sold through, and it would have been kind of weird for a new Warcraft game not to be released through Blizzard’s service.

          If Epic offered a royalty advance for exclusivity, then it might have been decent choice after the THPS5 debacle.

  • Welp that sucks, Epic Launcher came a bit too late to the party for me. I will either wait till its on steam or give it a miss, shame

  • Oh no! I have waited 20 years so far but I can’t wait an extra few months for it to come out on steam, I guess I will have to just buy the epic version 🙁

  • Aside from it being a far more enjoyable experience on a couch with a controller. I am yet to fully fathom people’s loyalty to Steam a platform that ran as a monopoly for years and pretty much insists on taking over any computer it is installed on. Like Gabe seriously needs the cash. XD

    • My preference isnt really based on loyalty so much as who I hate the least and the experience I have when using the client. When I buy a game it goes on this scale.


      • I would place Epic above Origin and uPlay, otherwise I agree with you. I really love GOG Galaxy for providing a way to buy from any of them and have them all show up in a single application.

        • I like both you and @piratepete’s orders, but it seems like it’s really a personal preference thing. I’ve got a lot of value out of Uplay+ myself, and their launcher is working for me in terms of what it displays, what it doesn’t, and how it updates. Mine would be more like GOG>Steam>uPlay>Origin>Epic>miscellaneous (twitch, humble, itch), with a focus on usability, interference with my intended activities (amazing how hard it is for these programs to just get out of your fucking way and do what you ask/expect them to do), and speed.

          • Oh, and Xbox(beta) ranks below the lot of them. GamePass is amazeballs, but fuck me, their launchers – PLURAL – are an unholy mess of conflicting ideas and platforms that errors and crashes all over the place. What the actual fuck, Windows?

          • Ugh, agreed. Had to do a fucking re-install of Windows just to get Surge 2 to download.

          • For me uPlay and Origin are pretty similar, I just put uPlay lower because even though I have it set to auto update every time I launch Rainbow Six Siege or something there is still a damn update.

            Origin is also really fast to download which is nice.

    • less loyalty and more keeping everything in one place. that and I just don’t really like exclusives. I mean most of the console exclusive franchises are really good and force a choice. now it feels like some morons want try and force that onto the pc as well. it won’t work but, it doesn’t seem to stop them from trying.

      they’d be better off just offering a better deal. the free games they’ve been giving out have given epic a lot of goodwill. rushing back to exclusives is just bringing back fears of rocket leaguing all over again.

    • Its not a loyalty thing for me (I own tonnes of games on GoG, and other platforms), I just really dislike chequebook exclusivity, as we’ve never had this on PC until now, and I refuse to support it.

    • I remember when steam first launched and we were forced to use it for games like CS…”if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” was thrown around constantly. Now they are adored by millions…and like has been said it will pop up elsewhere eventually

  • In the end, money talks. No matter peoples gripes with it, Epics become popular with devs because of it’s profit margin. Given Steam has actually seen a market loss this last year maybe it’s time they started rethinking their stance?

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