Cooking Is Now A Thing In Total War: Warhammer 2

Cooking Is Now A Thing In Total War: Warhammer 2
Image: Creative Assembly

Total Warhammer is about fantastical armies about beating the snot out of each other. It is not traditionally about blending recipes Breath of the Wild-style. But the upcoming Warden & The Paunch DLC will change that.

The next content drop for Total Warhammer 2, which drops on May 22 for Australians, is beefing up the game’s Greenskins with the addition of Grom the Paunch.

Grom’s main mechanic is that he really, really loves to eat. As the leader of the Broken Axe, Grom is able to find various ingredients around the world or from the Troll Hag Food Merchant. Different recipes will give Grom different buffs. The Magnum Pizza, made from troll meat and ale, adds 15 percent physical resistance and 15 melee defence to Grom. There’s also a few passives, like half-price recruitment on all trolls, regen for all goblin and night goblin infantry units, and a new passive for giant and troll units.

You can make recipes with two ingredients to begin with, but upgrading Grom will eventually let you make recipes with up to four ingredients. That means more passives, more buffs and, with the right ingredients, special units for your army.

Grom’s faction brings stone trolls, river trolls, new pump wagons, river hag trolls and rogue idols of various nastiness to the game. He’s not alone though, with a new High Elf faction being added and led by Eltharion the Grim. Eltharion has the ability to imprison units if they fall in battle, as well as the ability to recruit phoenixes, war lions, lion chariots, and archmage lords.

If you capture a unit during a battle, you can interrogate that unit for bonuses and information later on. Eltharion’s Yvresse are also a defensive powerhouse, with an enchanted mist providing your entire army massive bonuses and effects as it grows stronger over time.

The Warden & The Paunch will be the seventh paid DLC released for Total Warhammer 2 since its release in May 2017. The game has gotten a couple of new factions since launch, including vampire pirates and the mummified Tomb Kings faction, as well as new legendary lords and faction mechanics for the other factions.

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