Australians Can Get Into Valorant In Two Weeks

Australians Can Get Into Valorant In Two Weeks

If you’ve been wondering when you’ll be able to give Valorant a go on Aussie pings, good news: you’ve only got a fortnight to wait.

Riot’s answer to Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege and Counter-Strike is leaving beta soon, despite many COVID-19 related delays stopping a wider roll-out of the closed beta. In an email to press overnight, Riot announced the game would be released “on June 2 across the majority of regions worldwide”.

The game, which is currently available in the US, most of Europe and Latin America, has been in closed beta since early April. When the game initially launched, Riot announced that coronavirus-induced delays had forced the company to exclude Russia and Turkey from the initial rollout. The two countries were added shortly thereafter, along with South Korea. There was hope that Australians might be included in the closed beta, with Sydney one of the access points in Riot’s direct server network, but the company has opted to launch the game on June 2 instead.

For Australians already in the Valorant beta, Riot advised that the game will be taken offline on May 28, likely May 29 Australian time. All account progression and statuses will be reset then, and any cosmetic purchases refunded (with accounts gifted a 20 percent bonus on any cosmetic currency purchased).

For those looking to jump into Valorant when it drops in a couple of weeks, you’ll find plenty of handy advice below.

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    I didn’t hop on the OverWatch train but I am definitely getting on this one. Especially because I really like some intense competitive gaming 8)

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