Watching Musicians Play The Animal Crossing: New Horizons Theme Is Super Chill

Screenshot: Nintendo/YouTube

I’ve heard Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ main theme every morning for the last million years that we’ve been social distancing, but seeing the musicians behind it gives its soothing beats the added bonus of putting some some human faces to the tune.

Nintendo released a video today showing the musicians behind Animal Crossing: New Horizons playing the game’s main theme from their homes. The video switches between musicians playing the flugelhorn (the best instrument name), accordion, bass, and throwing down some hot ukulele licks.

I’m really feeling the vibes of percussionist MATARO, who looks like they’re having a hella chill time with that egg shaker. This video reminds me I should pull out my guitar more often; the closest I’ve come to making music since this all began is painstakingly making “Toss A Coin To Your Witcher” my Animal Crossing island song.


    Flugelhorn is such a nice instrument. Harder to play than a trumpet because it require a lot more air. I played in a brass band for 7 years =P

      You can definitely see its hard work - look at the poor Flugelhorn guys face at end (1:08 > 1:09) and his hand jitter - looks about to collapse! Amazing performance tho :)

    I frickin' love that theme and loved watching these guys play it. Yaaay.

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