What Are You Playing This Weekend?

what are you playing this weekend

An interesting consequence of the ban system in competitive Overwatch is that life has become real hell for certain support characters just trying to go about their day.

I've recently had a lot of fun mauling poor supports in Overwatch with Ashe, who has become incredibly easy to use in a post-Widowmaker/McCree world. Bob's matriarch is an absolute wrecking ball when it comes to the lives of Zenyatta, Ashe, Moira, and even characters like Echo, since she's able to dish out so much damage from range in a way that is supremely difficult to counter right now.

A Deep Dive Into Overwatch's Latest Hero, Echo

With Echo, Overwatch is about to see the greatest overhaul of its meta in the game's history since the change to hero limits and role queuing. It's not just that there's a new hero. It's Echo's threat as an aerial DPS and potentially the most game-breaking ultimate: the ability to copy other heroes and chain multiple ultimates in the space of seconds.

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So I'm looking forward to smashing my way through a bit more Overwatch on the weekend. A mate of mine is sitting around 3100 SR for DPS, and I'm a full 1000 points behind, so I'd like to at least get back to 2600-2700 (where I was a couple of seasons ago).

Beyond that, I'll be playing more Valorant with mates. The game is extremely my jam right now, especially with its MR12 round system. It's just easier to fit in a game of Valorant than a game of CS:GO, as much as I still love that game. I've also got to spend some time with Iron Harvest today, as well as Cloudpunk which looks incredible.

What are you playing over the weekend? And don't forget as a fun bonus - if you're looking for some friendly faces to group up with, come join our Discord channel! It's very chill.


    Looking for a unicorn. Something like LoL or DOTA but without the toxicity. Online multiplayer. Something top down/isometric and team-ish with a bit of twitch but without the toxicity if I piss fart around learning stuff. (Could just be that there's no in-game chat.) Pretty sure that no such thing exists, but I have faith that if one does Kotaku will know of it. Maybe I just need to go back to WoW, lol.

      Something that involves other people and has no toxicity... I think that's like a unicorn that's made up of a whole bunch of smaller unicorns. Like some sort of Voltricorn.

        Well, yes. Although I think there's quite a lot less when the stakes are lower, such as in TF2 where dying every minute or two is more or less expected. Then there's always the easy out of having no in game chat, or simple emotes only such as Hearthstone, and I guess I could simply turn chat off but I'd prefer not to be the one actually trolling either.

    Likely continuing in RE: Resistance, RE2Make. New Tome is out in Dead by Daylight so starting on that. Also joining a D&D group on Saturday, which I need to finish up the background of my character for!

    I'm between games now and flitting about trying to figure out what I'm in the mood for. Currently leaning toward checking out FF8 remaster or continue trying to push through the slog of Nioh 2. (Sometimes you just want a game to scream at) I also want to just shoot faces in Borderands 3 too. Or just muck about in Terraria but I'm hesitant to do that before the big patch.

    We'll see what happens.

    Been really into Hunt:Showdown lately! so that.

    Earth Defence Force 5 co-op with a mate. My first EDF, its a guilty pleasure I must admit in a popcorn, b grade movie way.

      It's fun, over the top and you don't have to think too hard. I enjoy it as well.

      I am disappointed no one has appropriately commented on your post so I guess I will have to.
      EDF!!!! EDF!!!! EDF!!! EDF!!! EDF!!!!

    Gonna finish up Trials of Mana for PS4, then move back to Persona 5 Royal, also for PS4.

    Been playing a lot of Nioh (the first one) lately. It was on PS+ ages ago but I only just got around to trying it recently. I think I'm just over half way through, really enjoying it so far.

    Just finished Yakuza Kiwami 1 and loved it. Now onto Yakuza Zero and potentially work my way through the entire series.

      I bloody love the Yakuza games. Only thing I don't like is how damn long it takes to get through each one. I've still got Yakuza 6 and Judgement sitting in my pile of shame. Haven't even started either one and Yakuza 7 is on the way!

        It has just sucked me in, although I keep getting side tracked by the sub stories lol.

        Yakuza 0, Kiwami 2 and 6 were all on sale in the PS Store so i grabbed them all. Keeping an eye out for a good sale on the remaster pack now.

    still waiting for my mouse... I've come to realise the most tolerable games to play with a basic MS mouse is my pile of tower defence games

    I did start my 8th paladin in WoW though, maybe I'll go level her

    I just finished Vampyr in the last hour.
    I will be playing...
    Anno 1800
    XCOM Chimera Squad

      What did you think of Vampyr?

      Good choice on Anno 1800 I'm in the middle of it myself

        it is weird how similar the game is to the current climate.
        I really like the consequences of your actions.

        The thing I don't really like is the bloody hard combat (Dark Soul's lite)
        but on the other hand, that is the point ((good)no kills = hard, (evil)kills = easy)

        but in the end, I am not really good at Dark Soul games so I found and used an immortal bug to finish off the game.

        I brought Anno 1800 during the week($73ish for the complete version) and been playing the campaign (and I don't really play campaigns in city builders)
        I have been enjoying myself with it

          I know the feeling. I'm actually enjoying the campaign in it myself.
          The queen is awesome haha

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