What Your Predator Mask Says About You

The new Predator game is out and it’s fine. But it does offer a nice selection of masks for fans to unlock and wear. But a mask is more than just a mask. It is a window into a person’s soul. Or in this case a Predator’s soul. So let’s figure out what each mask says about you and your Predator.

This list will only feature the masks that available currently in the game. If more are added, I might update this list.

Default Mask

Ah! You are new to the world of Predator: Hunting Grounds or you have decided to hide the fact that you are an expert player. You don’t care about trophies or titles. You are here to hunt and kill, who cares about looks. There’s hunting to do.


You like Quake, don’t you. I can tell because there is clearly a Quake logo built into the forehead of this mask. It literally can’t be anything else. I’m moving on now and will never question this fact again.


Who needs to see where they are going? Not you, because you picked this mask. Sure it’s sort of ugly and has a pretentious name, but you don’t care. All you care about is proving how cool you are by wearing a mask with the eye holes clearing blocked up.


I see you enjoy the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or at least, you love their main villain, Shredder. Perhaps you believe wearing a mask that resembles his armour might grant you some extra power. Or maybe this mask looks more like a knight’s armour plating and you picked it because of that. No. I’m sticking with the first thing I said.


You are a gritty and tough person, which is why you wear a mask that seems to be partially built out of an old radiator. Very scrappy of you. With the planet suffering through climate change, reusing and recycling are the key to saving our entire civilisation from destruction. How noble and selfless.


Taste be damned, you wear whatever is the coolest and newest mask out there. Sure, this mask has little personality, as it all has been removed and sanded down by dozens of committees equipped with metaphorical sandpaper. But you don’t mind, because you are all about being on the cutting edge of technology and fashion.


Once an outsider, always an outsider. While every other Predator has eye holes in their masks, you went in a different direction. You zigged when everybody else zagged. Instead of eye holes, you went with eye slits. Sure, it might be harder to see through and limit your spatial awareness, but nobody will ever call you a sheep. You are unique and interesting.


I have no idea. You like Blooming Onions a lot? I’m starting to regret writing this list. How many masks are there in this game? Can’t all the Predators agree on one or two masks and stick with it. Shit.


A chef always keeps some tools with them no matter what. You are a lover of food and cooking is your passion. So you picked a mask that can be used to grate cheese or get some zest off a nice orange. And if it can grate some cheese or veggies, it can grate some human flesh too. So useful.


I wouldn’t wear this mask. I hear Kano from Mortal Kombat is very litigious.

Jungle Hunter

I mean this in the nicest way possible, you are a bit of a hipster. You decided to wear the old, original and simple mask featured in the first film because…it’s the best one, when you think about it. And you’ve thought about it a lot. Or you got really lucky and it popped out of a chest for you.

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